Saturday, June 28, 2008

tag no. dunno wat

The Music Shuffle Meme

1. Put your iTunes/ music player on Shuffle

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

3. You must put down the song name no matter what.

After you’ve answered all of the questions, tag 5 other people and then let them know they’ve been tagged to do the meme themselves.

What would best describe your personality?
ni kan ni kan yue liang de lian - meng ting wei (look at the moon)
-.-.does it mean i'm round or what?

What do you like in a guy/girl?
qian qian que ge-chen hui xian (thousands of song)

How do you feel today?
You'll shine again-justin lo

What is your life's purpose?
you fu qi-kelly chen (having luck)
true true.i'm a lucky person.

What is your motto?
xing bu lai-faye wong (can't wake up;remains blur)
true blur and happy always.

What do your friends think of you?
guang dao zi luan-karen mok (the forbidden love)
sounds wrong

What do you think of your parents?
zhuan shu tian shi-tank (the only angel for me)
true true.

What do you think about very often?
wu ding-jay chou feat wen lan (roof)
-.-.i don't think bout roof lo.

What do you think of your best friend?
meng li hua-angela (flower in dream)
yen na dei?!!

What do you think of your crush?
my "you"-stairway to heaven OST

What is your life story?
tocata de fugue in violin & electric guitar-vanessa mae
this song damn kan chiong leh.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
nan hai gu niang-faye wong (hainanese girl)
ooi.i'm hokkien la

What do you think when you see your crush?
Thandiya Aatanum-indian song which i used it for kem perdana malam kebudayaan

What do your parents think of you?
ni ai wo ma?-fan yi chen (do you love me?)
seems like my parents are doubting my love to them.hmmm..

What do strangers think of you?
Now and Forever-Richard Marx

How's your love life?
xing zuo-wang li hong (horoscope)
okay.follow the daily horoscope thingy in newspaper

What will they play at your funeral?
Woosa-cyndi wang (it's like a red indian's songs la.woosa is an indian word)

What will you dance to at your wedding?

What is your hobby/interest?
Destiny-Vanessa mae
Playing Tarot?fortune telling?

What do you think of your friends?
wo men dou xiang-zuo guang ping (we also think of that)
dunno how to interpret....

What song do you listen to when you are sad?
ying xiong-faye wong (warrior)
to remind me to be strong?

What song do you air guitar to?
Mazurka in A minor-Chopin
piano in

What should be your signature karaoke song?
ji shi ben-kelly chen (diary)

What is your greatest desire?
pan duo la-angela (the pandola's box)
sounds reasonable.

What does next year have in store for you?
huang hun-xiao gang (evening)

What's your outlook on life?
Prelude in A major-Chopin

How will you die?
Waltz in A minor-Chopin

Do people secretly lust after you?
han wu ji-faye wong (a era which is earlier than jurassic)

The best advice you will ever get:
tian kong-faye wong (the sky)

What will I be doing for the next 3 months?
zui ai wo de ren shang wo zui sheng-zhang yu sheng (the one i love the most ,hurt me the most)
huh?i'll get dump?touch wood

What do you think of the person who tagged you?(cher)
dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui-nicholas teo (when you're alone,who'll you think of?)
hahahaha.i'll think of Cher when i'm alone.

What will your future mother-in-law be like?
Malaysia Tanah airku.

What is the favourite song of the doctor who will help deliver your baby?
zai jian bei ji xue-kelly chen feat xiao gang (goodbye snow)

If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
The soldier march-Tchaikovsky

What sort of world ruler would you be?
ai shang wei lai de ni-wilber pan (love the future you)
that means i'm futuristic?

Will you ever get a dog or cat?
The little swan dance-Tchaikovsky

I'm getting a swan instead of dog or cat

What would you say at your Oscar/Nobel prize acceptance speech?

dui ni you gan jue-micheal wong (having feeling on you)

What is your superpower?

heart-nicholas teo (my heart chinese version)

I can cure ppl's heartache?or heart attack?

Why are you attracted to enigmatic brooders?

ai si ni-karen mok (love you very very very much)

I tag
ermm..i hv no idea bout who to tag lah.cin cai la.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Amat sedih diumumkan bahawa "blogger" ini akan hibernat sementara.
Segala "update" mesej tidak akan dilayan.
terima kasih yang banyak.

sebab:"blogger" terlalu malas nak update/terlalu sibuk "cheoreograph" tarian untuk PBC/mempunyai masa yang amat sikit sekali untuk menghabiskan kerja rumah/terlalu sibuk membuat buku skrap PA,folio MUET,slide show MUET dan mengulang kaji (kononnya)

segala inconvenience,harap kalian ampunkan.
ten kiu.

Monday, June 16, 2008

random update

~I'm the orientation queen and they gave me pacifier instead of tiara.- . -.
~can't wait for the PTE prom.saya dah lama tak pergi prom.I wanna wear my hush puppies little black dress.
~tired.tired.tired.with tuition works.homeworks,and class works.
~and i'm lazy to finish them :p
~found a tablemate.(she sits next to me in she's my tablemate.)who're khadi-ish+aisha-ish+dhanya-ish.(I shall talk more bout her in pillow talk.)
~i miss HUGE shopping mall.
~i miss sleeping whole day.
~i miss studying and doing my work without the computer atrracts me to it.(i can't stop online-ing.I'm having after holiday syndrome.)
~i miss my form 4&5 classroom instead of that classroom in the forth floor.(I know.i might lose some weight,but I'll get frustrated when i came down to the lowest floor and realised that i forgot to take my stuff.)
~i don't feel like making friends.I just wanna stay with my old friends where i don't hv to tell my story all over again.
~i miss co-curiculum activities.
~i miss my strength to do activities.
~conclusion:i'm getting lazy.

Phrase of the day:I need my "ohm" back.bring back,oh bring back,oh bring back my ohmy to me,to me.