Monday, May 12, 2008

you may throw the egg on me

WARNING:another news which made reader throw eggs or even chair on me.

i know i know.i know.i know i know.i know i know.i know
I couldn't set my mind.
maybe it's a lesson for me to grow up
did you guys remember "the road not taken" that we learnt in form 4?
Yes,this poem came up into my mind.
There're two roads.NS or form 6?
Each of them have their own pros and cons. mom made the decision for me (ya.i know.i know.i'm still mommy's daughter)
since form 6 is more important.
and qoute an anonymous,form 6 is also once in lifetime ma.

so khadi!!!
go hi tea one day.wahahaha.sorry for today.I thought I have to go back tomorrow so i must date b4 i go.AND
I haven't visit your working place yet.

Phrase of the day:I have to study.STUDY

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