Friday, May 9, 2008

to stay ot not to stay?

WARNING:This's a confusing story.If you're down,hot-tempered,having migraine,PMS-ing,or any negative emotion,PLEASE SKIP THIS STORY.

okay,story time.You may grab a teddy bear and a popcorn with you.
happy reading.

One day,yin xian was happily coming back from Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang to Klang.
The first things she did in klang was shopping.Her PJ lou dao dropped her in AEON bukit tinggi with three luggages.She called her mommy.

"toot--toot--toot--....the person you called is not available.please try again later."
Without hesitating,she called her bf to come immediately.Her bf was a very very nice guy anyway.She sayang him a lot.
She couldn't stand with the NS class uniform anymore.
FYI,that uniform made her look like a panasonic factory worker.
well,she was smart by wearing an extra shirt inside.She took off the class uniform and put on her cool Mickey jacket.
oh,the shoe.She changed her class shoe (kononnya were worn by stewardess) to her cute ballet flats.

so what's next people?
She walked around to remove her shua ku-ness due to the camp.(They provided her expired fashion magazine)
AEON bukit tinggi was still the same,but her friends who work there have gone.
Suddenly she found something interesting.
MAYBELLINE LATEST EYE SHADOW.(she forgot the name of the eyeshadow.forgive her.she's that forgetful.)

-----------story has been shorten by magazine editor----------------------

when she was back with her mommy,her mommy asked her not to go back for NS anymore.
Her daddy missed her badly and asked to stay in klang.
so yin xian's mind came out with the pros and cons of staying in klang.

1.can go for AEON bukit tinggi member day which is on the 15th of may (yes,she's that shopaholic)
2.can go for tuition earlier so that she won's miss tuition.
3.can relearn driving.(she didn't drive since 23 of april 2007,the day she got her driving license)
4.can celebrate teacher's day
5.can go to camp perdana
6.can shop a lot
7.prevent further skin darkening due to the marching
8.prevent further breast diminishing (she has no idea why her breast became smaller after NS)

1.couldn't participate in the nation bulding module closing ceremony.(she's the leader for choir performance as she's the only one conduct before)
2.couldn't take part in marathon organised by TUDM.
3.couldn't watch the exhibition by TUDM.
4.couldn't keep her promise (she learnt something during CB.must keep your promise)
5.She's the dorm leader and the dorm fund was in her purse now.
6.couldn't take part in wirajaya.(camping)
7.couldn't take part in canoe competition
8.couldn't see prosperity burger again.(damn,he's so so so cute but his voice sounded like donald duck)*you may ignore this.*
9.she already told almost everyone in camp that she's staying till the end.
10.wasting time laze around at home during the school holiday.
11.she 'll spend more money in Klang.(She spent RM100+ in AEON today)

Yin Xian fell into confusion.*cheng cheng cheng cheng*

p/s:interesting?to be continued in the next post.buahahaha

Phrase of the day:I'm so confused.

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