Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lower six

Question of the week:"How's form 6/lower six/school?"

nah,I'm enjoying my form 6 life since most of the teachers didn't really start the lessons.They just gave us the exam format.(like what we did in the beginning of form 4),some simple exercise to warm up our brain,some evaluation test,some games,some simple notes and some counselling session.

Anyway,I'm in 6BS1.

Well,if you really wanna know who's my teacher,i'll list it here
Pengajian Am: Cikgu Arulsamy (which is also our program motivasi teacher.He prefers us to call him ustazah Arul during PM)



Math "T" : Pn.Tew


You may ignore the things above,but not this.

but it's not confirmed that i'm going for it since the JPS 'll choose the best among all the school representatives.

The country? Either Japan,Australia or NZ.(I heard some of them said Thailand and Laos - . -)

And the best thing is the trip is fully sponsored by JPS.

It's proven that when God close a door,He'll open another door for you.

I missed my NS closing ceremony and all kinds of activities,
but I got the chance to be a exchanged student.
Which one is more exciting?LOL

Phrase of the day:Form 6 is fun and stop telling me that it's very hard.Penat telinga.

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ThE FalleN DarknesS GuY said...

well student exchange programme will be a better choice go for JAPAN the culture is so so nice trust me lol good luck haha o(^^)O