Friday, May 9, 2008

Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to present my NS camp,Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang.

Firstly, you guys are really lucky if you're chosen in this camp.

Just like the name,they really take care of you like a prince/princess.
We ate ice cream every friday,western food every sunday(although it's just sausage,scramble egg and french fries),burger as supper every wednesday.

We hardly march.

We have burger stall.If you don't feel like eating dinner that is prepared by canteen,you can have burger as your dinner.(Strongly recommend their double ayam special+cheese.RM4)

If you have no money for burger,you can even go to the vegetarian section to search for fried egg.(this's what i did when they serve fish.They didn't even clear the fish scales properly)

The instructor there are kind.They're humorous,caring but strict at some time.(you know guys,they're kind of rebellious in this age)

The land of this camp is totally flat.You don't have to naik bukit turun bukit everytime you go out.

We get to wear normal clothes for night activities.Unlike those camp in east Malaysia,you only can wear normaly clothes in dorm.DORM ONLY.other than that place,you hv to wear their uniform.

ermm,you can see sparrow every morning,squirrel when you clap really loud,rabbit at night and even tadpole (EEEE,THEY ARE SO CUTE like sperm.opps!)oh ya,they won't kacau you at all.Unlike cher's camp,the monkeys are so bad.They rolled the rubbish bin to another dorm because they couldn't open it(cher closed it tightly to prevent them from finding food inside)so sweat right?

Bad monkey.Luckily they don't steal girl's bra and wear it on their head.I bet that monkey 'll be in print.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

The sign board.They even have their camp logo,a tiara.

padang kawad.very broad and flat right?can even let a helicopter to land here

Dewan syarahan.took it during family day.The squirrels love to lepak here.They're super duper cute lo.

The lake and the "jetty" for canoe.

Dewan makan.It's a different place from dewan syarahan Unlike other camp,their dewan syarahan and dewan makan are in the same place.

Bilik Rehat.The place where we stay when we're having night duty.

My Bed.My locker which i think it's not big enough for me to keep my stuff.

Bilik Kuliah.The place where we have our character building class and nation building class.There's 8 buildings/"houses" for 16 classes.Two classes in one building.

Different view of padang kawad.That building is office,medic and instructor's office.

The pond near the garden.See,they even decorate the pond with water lily.

OH.OH.these're the tadpoles in the cute right?I even kept two of them in my dorm.but too bad,they died.

The garden.looks like STAR garden right?

Famous quote in Kem PLKN Princess Haliza kumpulan 2/siri 5:


2.Kau gelak kau

3.sesuatu untuk fikirkan

4.ming bai ma?


... ... ... ... ...

Phrase of the day:dear those who leave NS earlier,don't cry when you read this.i know you miss the camp.


SnowCharms said...

1 question, do they have hot water?

guest said...

I'm a ns candidate too! i'm going to the same place as you. Was the toilet dirty?

petite said... depends on you guys.This's because you guys are the one cleaning the toilet.hahahaha.if you all didn't clean,it'll be dirty lo.

Anonymous said...

when is the family day??every week once or???one month once??

petite said...

every two weeks i think. then there is one grand family day where the family get to visit the whole site.Other day the family can only meet in the canteen or hall.

Joanne said...

are u allowed to keep ur phne "secretly" ? hehe, im kinda excited to go there.

Anonymous said...

this camp is for rich people only