Saturday, May 24, 2008

Japanese buffet in Renaissance Hotel,KL

Well,this happened on mother's day which is 11st of May and due to technical problem (blame the phone cable),I can't post up the photo right after that delicious buffet.The photo's'(does photo have plural form?) were then transfered to my pendrive via KC's card reader in his lappie on 19th of May.However,this busy lazy happy (why happy?see the next post) petite postpone this post until today.

I shall end all the BS and start typing my yummy experience in Renaissance Hotel.
this petite went to Renaissance Hotel with her mommy and daddy.
Her daddy did not need to pay the bill as we're so-called invited by his company sub contractor.
The hotel is big and it's divided to two parts,east and west.I just can't recall the name of the two areas.
... ...
Can I just skip to the photo?I really can't recall how we get there and settle down.I could only remember the taste of the food and AH.the dessert.
the appetizer?The restaurant has three section for buffet,the appetizer,main dish and dessert.So,I start with the appetizer.This's what my mom had taken.Mine?I had eaten before I remember to take a photo of it.
My favourite,tempura. Do you see the brown things on the right side?It's an oden.It's a fishcake boiled in some sauce which I don't know what ingredient they used.

Chawamushi,the steam egg with taufu texture.The best chawamushi i have tasted so far.

Miso soup,one of my favourite too.You have to make your own miso soup.So,I put in tonnes of wakame (seaweed) as I love it and wakame is good for reducing the radiation in your body. (good for those sitting in front of PC whole day officer/student/me)
dang dang dang dang! the dessert.behind clockwise:yellow watermelon,papaya,honey dew,cheese cake with white chocolate,dark chocolate truffle,green tea chocolate with nuts,red bean swirl. centre: mochi with pandan paste .

AND THE FUJI SNOW.wahahaha.This reminds me of Chiyo in Memoirs of Geisha where the chairman treat her a fuji snow and Chiyo put the red coloured ice on her lips ans said:"now i look like a geisha."so cute!

MY FAVOURITE ! green tea ice cream.

This's a special order.haha.I went to the person who make sushi and ask them for the ebikko only.Ebikko is someone's egg (either prawn or shishamo.I forgot) and it's good for brain.

Phrase of the day:For all the food i like,i'll create some nutritional facts for them.wahahaha.That's why i wanna become a nutritionist?something for you to figure out.

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