Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lower six

Question of the week:"How's form 6/lower six/school?"

nah,I'm enjoying my form 6 life since most of the teachers didn't really start the lessons.They just gave us the exam format.(like what we did in the beginning of form 4),some simple exercise to warm up our brain,some evaluation test,some games,some simple notes and some counselling session.

Anyway,I'm in 6BS1.

Well,if you really wanna know who's my teacher,i'll list it here
Pengajian Am: Cikgu Arulsamy (which is also our program motivasi teacher.He prefers us to call him ustazah Arul during PM)



Math "T" : Pn.Tew


You may ignore the things above,but not this.

but it's not confirmed that i'm going for it since the JPS 'll choose the best among all the school representatives.

The country? Either Japan,Australia or NZ.(I heard some of them said Thailand and Laos - . -)

And the best thing is the trip is fully sponsored by JPS.

It's proven that when God close a door,He'll open another door for you.

I missed my NS closing ceremony and all kinds of activities,
but I got the chance to be a exchanged student.
Which one is more exciting?LOL

Phrase of the day:Form 6 is fun and stop telling me that it's very hard.Penat telinga.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Japanese buffet in Renaissance Hotel,KL

Well,this happened on mother's day which is 11st of May and due to technical problem (blame the phone cable),I can't post up the photo right after that delicious buffet.The photo's'(does photo have plural form?) were then transfered to my pendrive via KC's card reader in his lappie on 19th of May.However,this busy lazy happy (why happy?see the next post) petite postpone this post until today.

I shall end all the BS and start typing my yummy experience in Renaissance Hotel.
this petite went to Renaissance Hotel with her mommy and daddy.
Her daddy did not need to pay the bill as we're so-called invited by his company sub contractor.
The hotel is big and it's divided to two parts,east and west.I just can't recall the name of the two areas.
... ...
Can I just skip to the photo?I really can't recall how we get there and settle down.I could only remember the taste of the food and AH.the dessert.
the appetizer?The restaurant has three section for buffet,the appetizer,main dish and dessert.So,I start with the appetizer.This's what my mom had taken.Mine?I had eaten before I remember to take a photo of it.
My favourite,tempura. Do you see the brown things on the right side?It's an oden.It's a fishcake boiled in some sauce which I don't know what ingredient they used.

Chawamushi,the steam egg with taufu texture.The best chawamushi i have tasted so far.

Miso soup,one of my favourite too.You have to make your own miso soup.So,I put in tonnes of wakame (seaweed) as I love it and wakame is good for reducing the radiation in your body. (good for those sitting in front of PC whole day officer/student/me)
dang dang dang dang! the dessert.behind clockwise:yellow watermelon,papaya,honey dew,cheese cake with white chocolate,dark chocolate truffle,green tea chocolate with nuts,red bean swirl. centre: mochi with pandan paste .

AND THE FUJI SNOW.wahahaha.This reminds me of Chiyo in Memoirs of Geisha where the chairman treat her a fuji snow and Chiyo put the red coloured ice on her lips ans said:"now i look like a geisha."so cute!

MY FAVOURITE ! green tea ice cream.

This's a special order.haha.I went to the person who make sushi and ask them for the ebikko only.Ebikko is someone's egg (either prawn or shishamo.I forgot) and it's good for brain.

Phrase of the day:For all the food i like,i'll create some nutritional facts for them.wahahaha.That's why i wanna become a nutritionist?something for you to figure out.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

tag no.3

Before I start to do my 1st tag after NS,I would ask,of all number,why 6? *sesat*

6 things i'm passionate about:
*food (i'm interested in exotic delicacies,but i won't eat them if they're too odd)
*dancing (turning around to act like a ballerina)
*co-curriculum activities
*girl stuff (skincare product,cosmetics and clothes!)

6 things i say too often:(informal may use them in your essay to show how a typical malaysian speak english)
*ooo (you'll see this very often if you chat with me via MSN)
*really ar? (via MSN and face to face conversation [FTFC])
*- . - (via MSN)
*That's so "funny".Ha Ha Ha (sarcastic)
*how come liddat wan?

6 books i’ve read recently:
*Physical Chemistry which makes me fall asleep.(not finished)
*61x57 by wang wen hua (I read it many times)
*biology volume 1(not finished)
*Chicken soup for couple chinese version
*my second last girl friend by wang wen hua (I also read it many times )
* Does newspaper count?

6 songs i could listen to over and over again:
*Irwansyah & Acha Septriasa's my heart
*Chopin's Waltz Mazurka in B minor
*Chopin's Nocturne in C minor
*Siti Nurhaliza's Pahlawanku
*Karen Mok's ta bu ai wo
*Vivian Hsu's mei ren yu

6 things i learnt for the past year:
*you'll never get what you want if you do not ask for it (so sporting a bit lo)
*you can't control ppl's mouth.
*instead of complaining and blaming,Why don't you do something? (theory only.practical 60%)
*you'll really forget something,if you really want to forget it.
*politic isn't dark.The one who make it dark is the people who main helah in politics
*Malaysia is the best country (not the government.they hv to improve their efficiency) as we don't really experience natural disaster other than flood.

6 people to tag:

Saturday, May 17, 2008



I was bored,very bored at home.

watched two episodes of hong kong drama.

bathed two dogs.

sent a few sms-es.

chat a few sentences.

ate sandwich and salad which cost me RM7.90.

saw my dentist.

slept for 2 and a half hours.



I thought of visiting Khadi in her working place



some working,some sleeping and some I don't really know them.

so very sorry,Khadi.

I might visit you on monday since KC is around.


Phrase of the day:Politic isn't dirty.The dirty one is the one who play with politic.

Monday, May 12, 2008

you may throw the egg on me

WARNING:another news which made reader throw eggs or even chair on me.

i know i know.i know.i know i know.i know i know.i know
I couldn't set my mind.
maybe it's a lesson for me to grow up
did you guys remember "the road not taken" that we learnt in form 4?
Yes,this poem came up into my mind.
There're two roads.NS or form 6?
Each of them have their own pros and cons. mom made the decision for me (ya.i know.i know.i'm still mommy's daughter)
since form 6 is more important.
and qoute an anonymous,form 6 is also once in lifetime ma.

so khadi!!!
go hi tea one day.wahahaha.sorry for today.I thought I have to go back tomorrow so i must date b4 i go.AND
I haven't visit your working place yet.

Phrase of the day:I have to study.STUDY

Friday, May 9, 2008

Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to present my NS camp,Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang.

Firstly, you guys are really lucky if you're chosen in this camp.

Just like the name,they really take care of you like a prince/princess.
We ate ice cream every friday,western food every sunday(although it's just sausage,scramble egg and french fries),burger as supper every wednesday.

We hardly march.

We have burger stall.If you don't feel like eating dinner that is prepared by canteen,you can have burger as your dinner.(Strongly recommend their double ayam special+cheese.RM4)

If you have no money for burger,you can even go to the vegetarian section to search for fried egg.(this's what i did when they serve fish.They didn't even clear the fish scales properly)

The instructor there are kind.They're humorous,caring but strict at some time.(you know guys,they're kind of rebellious in this age)

The land of this camp is totally flat.You don't have to naik bukit turun bukit everytime you go out.

We get to wear normal clothes for night activities.Unlike those camp in east Malaysia,you only can wear normaly clothes in dorm.DORM ONLY.other than that place,you hv to wear their uniform.

ermm,you can see sparrow every morning,squirrel when you clap really loud,rabbit at night and even tadpole (EEEE,THEY ARE SO CUTE like sperm.opps!)oh ya,they won't kacau you at all.Unlike cher's camp,the monkeys are so bad.They rolled the rubbish bin to another dorm because they couldn't open it(cher closed it tightly to prevent them from finding food inside)so sweat right?

Bad monkey.Luckily they don't steal girl's bra and wear it on their head.I bet that monkey 'll be in print.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

The sign board.They even have their camp logo,a tiara.

padang kawad.very broad and flat right?can even let a helicopter to land here

Dewan syarahan.took it during family day.The squirrels love to lepak here.They're super duper cute lo.

The lake and the "jetty" for canoe.

Dewan makan.It's a different place from dewan syarahan Unlike other camp,their dewan syarahan and dewan makan are in the same place.

Bilik Rehat.The place where we stay when we're having night duty.

My Bed.My locker which i think it's not big enough for me to keep my stuff.

Bilik Kuliah.The place where we have our character building class and nation building class.There's 8 buildings/"houses" for 16 classes.Two classes in one building.

Different view of padang kawad.That building is office,medic and instructor's office.

The pond near the garden.See,they even decorate the pond with water lily.

OH.OH.these're the tadpoles in the cute right?I even kept two of them in my dorm.but too bad,they died.

The garden.looks like STAR garden right?

Famous quote in Kem PLKN Princess Haliza kumpulan 2/siri 5:


2.Kau gelak kau

3.sesuatu untuk fikirkan

4.ming bai ma?


... ... ... ... ...

Phrase of the day:dear those who leave NS earlier,don't cry when you read this.i know you miss the camp.


since NS training only once in a lifetime.
I already set my mind.
I can't think too much anymore*fullstop*

to stay ot not to stay?

WARNING:This's a confusing story.If you're down,hot-tempered,having migraine,PMS-ing,or any negative emotion,PLEASE SKIP THIS STORY.

okay,story time.You may grab a teddy bear and a popcorn with you.
happy reading.

One day,yin xian was happily coming back from Kem PLKN Princess Haliza Sepang to Klang.
The first things she did in klang was shopping.Her PJ lou dao dropped her in AEON bukit tinggi with three luggages.She called her mommy.

"toot--toot--toot--....the person you called is not available.please try again later."
Without hesitating,she called her bf to come immediately.Her bf was a very very nice guy anyway.She sayang him a lot.
She couldn't stand with the NS class uniform anymore.
FYI,that uniform made her look like a panasonic factory worker.
well,she was smart by wearing an extra shirt inside.She took off the class uniform and put on her cool Mickey jacket.
oh,the shoe.She changed her class shoe (kononnya were worn by stewardess) to her cute ballet flats.

so what's next people?
She walked around to remove her shua ku-ness due to the camp.(They provided her expired fashion magazine)
AEON bukit tinggi was still the same,but her friends who work there have gone.
Suddenly she found something interesting.
MAYBELLINE LATEST EYE SHADOW.(she forgot the name of the eyeshadow.forgive her.she's that forgetful.)

-----------story has been shorten by magazine editor----------------------

when she was back with her mommy,her mommy asked her not to go back for NS anymore.
Her daddy missed her badly and asked to stay in klang.
so yin xian's mind came out with the pros and cons of staying in klang.

1.can go for AEON bukit tinggi member day which is on the 15th of may (yes,she's that shopaholic)
2.can go for tuition earlier so that she won's miss tuition.
3.can relearn driving.(she didn't drive since 23 of april 2007,the day she got her driving license)
4.can celebrate teacher's day
5.can go to camp perdana
6.can shop a lot
7.prevent further skin darkening due to the marching
8.prevent further breast diminishing (she has no idea why her breast became smaller after NS)

1.couldn't participate in the nation bulding module closing ceremony.(she's the leader for choir performance as she's the only one conduct before)
2.couldn't take part in marathon organised by TUDM.
3.couldn't watch the exhibition by TUDM.
4.couldn't keep her promise (she learnt something during CB.must keep your promise)
5.She's the dorm leader and the dorm fund was in her purse now.
6.couldn't take part in wirajaya.(camping)
7.couldn't take part in canoe competition
8.couldn't see prosperity burger again.(damn,he's so so so cute but his voice sounded like donald duck)*you may ignore this.*
9.she already told almost everyone in camp that she's staying till the end.
10.wasting time laze around at home during the school holiday.
11.she 'll spend more money in Klang.(She spent RM100+ in AEON today)

Yin Xian fell into confusion.*cheng cheng cheng cheng*

p/s:interesting?to be continued in the next post.buahahaha

Phrase of the day:I'm so confused.