Saturday, April 5, 2008


Beware of me.

Anyway,I'm back to klang for 4 days which is 2nd of april till 5th of april.
Right after I reached klang,I WENT TO AEON.
I miss shopping mall terribly.
and i spent AGAIN.
bought soothing mask from skinfood,a better quality sunblock from nano white and things my friends tumpang me to buy.
well,shopping without using your money was fun.

Oh,I got myself 6 pairs of contact lens.
When i'm having hot drinks or food,I don't hv to install wiper on my spec anymore.

My constipation is healed.
I told you,my anus can recognise toilet bowl.

I hung out with my friends.

not to forget,
My butt becomes smaller.happy happy.

Phrase of the day:My heart is a nice song.isn't it?