Saturday, March 1, 2008

the tag?

As I'm so bored at home,
As I'm out of topic to post about,

As I'm lazy to type so much,(can put picture ma)

so I did this tag (not really a tag don't hv to tag people) which i grab from Ee Von.yes, i blog-surfing for nothing.

skin care
what cleanser do you use?
Simple Deep Cleansing Facial Wash.

What toner do you use?
Yves Rocher toning water mist.a convenient toner where you just spray the toner and tap your face.can save facial cotton.
what moisturiser do you use?

pure & mild UV protector SPF 29 PA++.can be used as make up base.I love many in one product.hahaha

pure&mild brightening emulsion.non sticky and smell nice too.actually i seldom use it.I only use it when my face is dry.

Do you use eye care product?if so,what kind?
skinfood snow tea eye serum
Do you use mask?if so,what kind?
oh,i love using mask.they're intensive treatment.I have whitening one,refining one and clearing pore wan.frankly speaking,I don't like to use sheet mask.because it's more can only use for one time.and my face is smaller la.tak berbaloi lo.

Yves Rocher Pore refining peel off mask.Actually it's not really nice to use.not really effective but i just love the scent.

I highly recommend this.It exfoliates your skin,whitens your skin,and moistens your skin.and it smells good.I love scent.

OH,I love this too.It's more effective than pore pack.and you can use more times than pore pack.and the price..18.50.after right?

how many times a day do you wash your face?
2-3. when i wake up,when i back from school,when i 'm going to sleep

do you use eye makeup remover?
yes.because of that eyeliner.I terpaksa have to buy it.

if so, what kind?
for both eyes and face.
is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?
should be combination.It depends on how many hours i sleep.

what is the best part about your skin?
no freckles?

what are your skin problems?
pimple scars,chicken pox scars,a little bit of fine line(very little bit only),and dark rings.

make up

what foundation do you use?
actually hor,I don't use foundation because I'm lazy to determine my skin colour.Your complexion 'll look fake if you choose the wrong i must well don't use it.My complexion not really bad.but I assume this as my foundation.

what powder do you use?
I didn't use powder as I don't like to use it. and I don't want to look like a geisha?

what eyebrow pencil do you use?

my eyebrows are thick like caterpillar where i have to trim almost every need eyebrow pencil la.To save money, i just use mascara to set my eyebrow.

what eyeliner do you use?

Elianto forsted grey eyeliner.

What's your favourtie eyeshadow?

I want it so much but I haven't bought it yet as i seldom use them.

what mascara do you use?
I love mascaras.I use the 1st one when I need to look like i put make up.vice versa to the second one.
what are your favourite lipbalms/sticks/glosses?

I don't really use them.My lips are heathly enough.Anyway,I used them when I have choir performance and any function where I don't eat.I don't put lipstick when I'm going for wedding dinner.I don't want my cup to have lipstick stain.
well,I use mentholatum lipice water colour.

Do you use concealer?
yes,the yves rocher intense shine eliminator and concealer stick and pore mini balm.I 'm going to buy a eye concealer

do you colour your hair?

No,I wanted to but i didn't because I don't know what colour to put and I have to colour lock shampoo if i dye my hair.Another things to spend on.

what is your stylists name?

Oh,I don't know.I always cut my hair in Giant.Yeah,the RM12 one.Now they increase the price to RM 15. So I plan to change it to cutedge.The one in AEON.Their stylists are more professional as my mom said.

what salon do you go to?

Oh,The RM12 hair cut centre in Giant.I plan to change it to cutedge.

what is your natural hair colour?

black .brown with some gold stripe of hair under sunlight.I have naturally-dyed hair.

what is your hair colour now?

same as above.

do you have straight or curly hair?

sometimes straight,sometimes wavy.

do you use a curling iron?


a straightener?


what kind?

i didn't use.
do you use a blowdryer?

No.and not even one in my house.

do you use gel, and if so, what kind?


Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?


what shampoo do you use?

Loreal Elseve.the pink one.

what conditioner do you use?

Loreal Elseve.the pink one.

do you use leave in conditioner?

I used last time.Now my hair is easier to get oily so I don't use it anymore.

anyway ,I used Loreal Elseve too,the orange one with fruity scent.I miss that scent.


what deodorent do you use?

I use Amway deodorant.Actually I seldom use it.I only use it when I need to go for function.

what body wash do you use?

Shokobutsu green tea.

do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?

washcloth,to scrub my back.

what perfumes do you use or like? name five.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom Eau de Toilette

Yves Rocher Yria EDT.

do you always have to smell good?

ermm,kind of.I'll feel more motivated when i wear my perfume.


are diamonds really a girl's best friend?

ermm.not necessary.

what is your jewelry essential?

earrings and necklace.

what jewelry do you wear most?

earrings and necklace.

what jewelry do you crave most?

I don't crave them.If you love them,you won't hurt them by scratching them right?

purses and shoes

how many purses do you own?

two.a bonia one and a ELLE one.I'm using the ELLE one now.

which is your favourite?

the ELLE one.It's convenient,not so big and not so small to put all my card and cash.

how many shoes do you own?

11 pairs.

which pair is your favourite?

the MOD yellow wedges.the vincci black wedges.the NYC balletflats.the VOIR green bikini shoe.

who is your favourite handbag designer?

Oh,my handbags are not branded.i bought them from FOS and reject shop.and I don't know the designers.

who is your favourite shoe designer?

noone so far.

this or that

manolos or jimmy choo?

jimmy choo.I support malaysian

dolce and gabbana or chanel?

Chanel.I love the rose trademark.oh,is it rose?I only know its chinese name.

michael kors or bebe?
bebe maybe?

Louis Vuitton or Coach?


Gucci or prada?



favourite magazine to read?

ermm,'s a chinese magazine

favourite nail polish?

the transparent one.

favourite book?

61x57 by a taiwan MBA guy,wang wen hua

favourite band?

ermm.mayday,the taiwan band.

favourite girly movie?

ermm,Memoirs of the geisha.200 pounds beauty.I watched so many times,cried so many times over some parts.

are you high maintainence?

not really.I'm too lazy.

Do you enjoy being a girl?

yes except the time when I'm having menstrual pain.

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