Friday, March 14, 2008

shopping spree for NS.

herm.If you saw a lady with height 153cm,untied long hair,a forest-like necklace,wearing brown blouse and jeans,holding a purple&green stripe bag and a huge jusco recycle bag,YES,That's me running in AEON Bkt Tinggi like a mad fella (ermm,more to a crazy shopaholic.)

oh well,I found out something.
cheap bra isn't really cheap.
and it isn't really comfortable to wear.
I search for so long to buy a right one.
maybe i'm too spoilt with branded bra like wacoal.
It's so comfortable and the price are reasonable like RM 14.50 for 1?(J card member day offer.RM29 for 2)
and that jusco cheap bra already RM 10 lo.
But still i need to buy a not branded bra.
I don't want to be braless in NS.(I'm afraid that my bra 'll be stolen as it has a brand?)
I don't mind she/he steal it because of the brand.
but I'll have no bra to wear later.OK?

and I bought a sunblock,a mirror,and some undies.
I passed by skinfood.It attracted me to go in.
I bought a make up remover for face and a eye concealer.(nono,it's NOT for NS actually.)

I bought present for Khadi and Sha.Sorry ar,I forgot to buy gift cards and wrappers.I brought my scissors so that i can wrap them.
Anyway,I have a new dream.
OPEN A ART SHOP.a D.I.Y art shop when i'm retired.wahahaha
inside the shop,you pay RM can use all the stickers,papers and colour pen to make a card for your loved one.Of course ,if there's some un-romantic guy like someone(luckily he went to camp d.),designing service 'll be porvided.inside the shop,there's nice art stuff,some D.I.Y stuff where I really can't find any in Klang and gift suggestion counter?because not all malaysian are artistic ma,I still have to earn money,ok?

later,I met up with Sha,Khadi,Iona, and Daryl.We went to Sakae and we made the most noise i think,with those nasi kankang,the cuisine theory etc etc.

here's the photo.

I just don't want to show my face as my eyes still bloated.very nice right?It's hard for me to find a very fit dress as I'm not tall and my boobs tak cukup besar la.

I tried the skinfood make up remover for face.After using it,my skin became very smooth and clean.

Phrase of the day: getting lazier these few weeks.

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