Monday, March 17, 2008

miss me?

If you really miss me badly,

but your phone doesn't have credit anymore/credit expired

or you're too lazy to write me a letter/give me a call (I don't mind.everyone is lazy sometime)

or you don't know what to tell me when you call

or you're too shy to call (to my admirerS,eh leh."MISSED" CALL ME.I'll know you miss the missed call meaning?)

or you think you just miss my face not my voice as my voice is very harsh.

or you still couldn't accept the fact that this petite already in NS.

READ THIS.I'll post up tonnes of that you won't miss me too badly.

actually I want you to remember my face in this condition.the fair skin with only a few pimples.

I decided not to meet up with my friends right after i came back from NS.kononnya nak jaga imej.

We'll go zoo negara after i did my facial treatment.ok?(to my gang)

we'll go makan after i did my facial too.ok?(to my "drivers")

but KC is excluded.hahaha.he doesn't mind one la.

a very flirty photo.(NO,I claimed it to be model-ish.)If i ever have adobe photoshop,I'll make my leg thinner and longer.wahaha.just let me be the model of the day.

just look at those smokey innocent eyes.I know my fringe very cacat and my nose don't know why,very cacat too.JUST LOOK AT THE EYES.I TOOK 20 MINUTES JUST TO MAKE UP THE EYES LAH.use your palm and close my nose and'll find it very nice.hahaha.Oh,look at the cheek and forehead,I used concealer to cover all my pimple scar.

acting cool?admire something?I miss pn.rohaidah.

ignore my "hiao"expression.just look at my long straight silky black hair.I miss them.wait la,after NS ,i use the allowance to straighten again.

the "cheng" face,in case you miss my anger.I scolded people and kicked people sometimes.Fais pas case you miss my random-ness/sesat-ness.

in case you miss me in spectacles and pinaform.

actually I was wearing earphone in this photo.I tried to hide them with my hair so that the librarian can't catch me using mp3 player in library.

I think they know it actually.Oh,my eyebrows were thick like caterpillar that time.

trying to act like the nose-less man in an anime.

If you miss me in baju kurung.

The photo taken in 1u.
I shall end my post here before I become more LOA.
before i forget,i shall leave my address here.hahaha
Phrase of the day:I love print screening.It's so fun.

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