Sunday, March 16, 2008


I'm like this injured monkey in Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium who needs hug NOW.

p/s:I want hugs from him only.mind my choosey-ness

I was depressed yesterday because my mom asking me to apply JPA scholarship so that i can study oversea?I don't know why i'm so depressed actually.If i know it,I won't be depressed.

anyway,back to scholar thingy.HELLO,my results cannot apply JPA la.My skin is not that thick to tell the others that I have only 6A1 5A2 and a miserable ridiculous unbelievable B3 for chinese.well,maybe it's because I scrub my face too much till my skin become thin.(ignore this lame statement.)

somemore, to apply JPA,you need to be a straight A-er (A1 are given a better chance) with excellent co-curiculum performance in school.In addition, you have to go for those interviews,fill with those forms,photostate this and that,sign this and that,and most important,you may need to submit an essay.


I want to suffer myself with those thick like bricks chemistry books and biology books.CAN?

I wanna dissect frog,go to taman rakyat to collect those funny insects,mix alcohol and organic acid to get ester for my perfume and crack my head with those almost insolvable mathematics.CAN?

I wanna drive my car go here and there to do co-co stuff,organise activities,and conduct choir group.CAN?

and i hate people keep asking me why I go form 6.

If i'm in good mood,I might say i love form 6 life.

If i'm in bad mood and that fella is so "kiam pa" and he/she is in college,i will absolutely say:" I hate college people.they're so lala.I don't want to hurt my eyes with those extremely colourful clothes.and oh,their behaviour are improper.they went clubbing,smoking and drinking."

then that fella would answer:"oh that means you hate me la."


that fella:" 'stupid' is so mean."(remember Peyton in the Game Plan?)

I would say,"oh,you deserved that"

It's my choice to go form matter how hard it is.

reason:(i state here so that no one ask me again) factor.

okay,now bring out your calculator if your mathematics isn't that good.

I want to pursue nutrition/biomedical/bio chemistry.

so I have to take up pre U courses like A level,SAM or foundation in Science.

to take up these,I need 15k-30k.If I got scholarship,i still have to pay around 10k.

In another hand,

form 6 only cost me few thousand.

RM250x12=RM3000 (tuition fee)

RM 500~RM1000 (miscellaneous)


still cheaper right?

I can even save the money to buy a drivable car.(a second hand kancil around 8k)

2.nearer to my family

I'm not saying that i'm daddy's daughter or whatever.

but,my parents only have me.

I should teman them till I'm 21 and lessen their burden lo.

3.I don't want to let my shopaholism run wild.

this's because most of the college are located nearby shopping malls.

like taylors.It's around subang.I can go sunway pyramid,subang parade and even 1u.

4.can study in UMP with KC (he said one! I don't even want to go there.)

anyway,when I go to university,he's going to point study there.

and that university mainly for engineers one.I don't want to become engineer also.

I want to go UKM/UPM/UM.Those universities are near to my house.

and KC said next time he can fetch me after class if I got those university.(i stated here so that he can keep his promise.wahahaha)

5.I love school co-curiculum life.

we have merentas desa,hari sukan,hari guru, and whatever festival you can name it.We'll try to make activities with those festivals.

when you go college,do you still celebrate hari raya in college?no right?My school teacher even brought us cookies after raya holidays.

Do you wear those saree,punjabi suit and baju kebaya in college?very seldom right?in school,we wore it for performances and festivals.

Okay fine,I'm that LOA and love to show off my face in the school magazine.

Oh,do you have prefect in college?I doubt so.In school,you can see prefect with special uniform and asking you to leave the canteen to class.They made us not to ponteng class.While in college,WHO CARES?you ponteng,your problem lah.

6.being patriotic.

I support Malaysia education system.I support public university although many of them said public university certificates are not so popular anymore.As a university student,I think it's part of our responsibility to make the university become famous.If the students are diligent to do more research,write more academic essay and invent more things,the university will be more famous right?but make sure you have a good lecturer who can accept your brilliance.Lastly,if no one go to public university,then who support them?Who give them the chance to change?

They said most of the public universities are giving privileges to malay.The government are racist.If you ever think like that,you're the racist as you think that.(the YAWUTAO theory*?).It's true that privileges are given.but who cares?If you're good enough,you don't have to worry about that.They give privileges,their problem lah.Stop complaining and work hard to show your potential is a better move.They can't just close your eyes and throw your application with 4 flags into rubbishbin right?

I remember something I read in Zlwin's blog.I got the link from sha.It's about national day I think.He said,We kept complaining about our country but do we think that we're actually the lucky one compared to the blacks in United States?Racism is worse there.So, stop complaining and start praying that our country will be lead by a leader with good leadership and it 'll be better under God's guidance.

Anyway,I love this."Stop complaining.Start praying.Do something."

* YAWUTAO theory.You're what you think about others theory ( sounds like shaking head right?)

-created by yin xian.Inspired by suzanne and maybe Katrina?suzanne said she read from Katrina's blog.Eg:If you think someone is a're a it?

p/s:I type ideas that strike in my head.forgive me if I have offended anyone.I don't mean it actually.Sorry.sorry har.

Phrase of the day:Just let me emo for a day.

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