Sunday, February 24, 2008

the yummilicios + adventurous

Ever taste before the higher class mamak?
well,yesterday i tried it and it costs RM 600+ for 7 people.
my dad's japanese boss is the one paying.
don't ever think of kidnapping me.I have no money and i always wear shirt with holes (well,that's because of the zip of my pants.>.<>

Oh ya,the restaurant is passage thru india (it stated there as the best indian restaurant in Malaysia by the ministry of tourism)

we ate tandoori chicken,curry(mutton and chicken) where the serving are so little for 7 people,papadum,briyani rice,spicy gravy fish,naan (plain,cheese,garlic),baked curry prawn,
and (put the name here if you know it) where the vegetable is blended and cooked with tofu cube.

we had kulfi,the indian ice cream and masala tea for dessert.

The ice cream was nice but the japanese said it's not nice to eat.I think this's because they're not used to the flavour of indian.

Surprisingly,the japanese are able to stand with the spicy curry.I know what you're thinking.Right,they eat wasabi.But the spicy of wasabi is different from the spicy of curry.the spicy of wasabi last for few feel that it's spicy once it's in your tongue and once it's swallowed,you can't feel the spicy anymore.However,the spicy of the curry is different.the spicy oil 'll remain on your tongue,irritate your tongue and you'll feel more spicy when you drink water.

Overall,the food is nice.I 'll give 8 upon 10.The atmosphere of the restaurant is so indian and they even have love birds.I think they should put some peacock.I have never seen male peacock open his feather before.

Today,I went for jungle trekking with my parents at the mountain in Cheras.
Found out that my stamina is not as usual anymore.Excessive food and lack of exercise had made me lost most of my stamina.


I started to pray.Luckily,God heard me.An indian man passed by and gave me a strepsil.I felt better.

For your information,I never had blackout before.It's my first time.

My parents were still very blur and wondering why i stop suddenly.their daughter who always climb the fastest stopped suddenly.I don't stop in jungle trekking because once you stop,you'll feel more tired.the principle of jungle trekking:You may slow down but you can't stop.

However,I able to finish it.

Later,we went to the hot spring nearby.I saw some chick.(real chick.not hot women.chick are much cuter than those skimpy-attire hot women)I called them,asked them to come over so that i can touch their furry body. THEY RAN AWAY.stupid chick.

in conclusion,I really must build up my stamina before i go for NS.I need to jog more.

Phrase of the day:I wish I could ..... .. .... ... .

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