Saturday, February 16, 2008

the super duper update

1st day of CNY.(7/2/2007)
went to my grandma's house to get angpow.
had steamboat open house for relatives.
won RM14.I don't gamble actually.but I was too bored sitting there watching people gambling.

2nd day of CNY
went to Genting and Pavillion.ate in dragon-i.service was bad.

3rd day of CNY & 4th day of CNY
my dog died in the morning before we went out.
Her death is expected as she had tumour in her brain according to the veteranian.
went to Port Dickson.did some silly things that i 'll not reveal.haha

5th day of CNY
had a last minute open house.and it ended up with only one people came to my house.- . -

6th day of CNY
Was told that I'm in the sepang camp for NS.The Kem PLKN Princess Haliza,Sepang.super duper happy bacause they said it's the camp for the rich people's son or daughter.Therefore,it'll not be suffering.and i read a blog where the blogger was one of the campers seems that the place is ice cream on friday and western food on sunday.not bad.not bad.

7th day of CNY
went to KL.Ate buffet in Jogoya.very nice buffet with 200 over choices of food and the best part is they serve baskin robbin,haagen daaz and the japanese ice cream.super duper delicious.

8th day of CNY
pai ti kong ceremony.the fireworks and firecrackers were super duper noisy.It's a war more than a could hear bomming here and there.just that you can't hear people running for life.

9th day of CNY
went to Genting again.bought a super duper cheap eyemask.12 pairs in rite? and it's Elianto.
went to my dad's friend's house.
had gastric because i ate my dinner late.

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