Friday, February 22, 2008


today porridge made my day.
breakfast eat porridge,lunch eat porridge,dinner probably eating porridge too.
Because of the teeth adjustment yesterday
I can't bite anything.

I can't even sneeze properly.I have to open mouth to sneeze to avoid my lips from touching my teeth.Imagine all the saliva evaporise to the air with the bacteria and stick on the monitor screen.

I wanted to drink coke so that the whole things 'll loosen a bit.but better don't do that.I don't want to delay the day i take out my braces.

This is not an adjustment as usual.
The orthodontist put the rubber between the two teeth so that there's no big gap between the teeth.
and he said once there's no gap,i can remove my braces.
What a great news and what a painful teeth i have now.
It's just like my teeth are playing tug of war.

it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
*trying to hypnotise myself*

but still I miss my food.
I miss the pork slice in bar.b.que plaza
I miss the kimgary cheese rice
I miss the dragon-i meat dumpling
I miss auntie anne's pretzel
I miss fish and chips
I miss the almonds chips in the living room

things below not really related to food
I miss biting ppl and leaving a teeth mark.(i'm that crazy)
I miss singing song without the teeth pulling together.
I miss hanging out with my friends.
I miss jimmy my imagenary friend.He went to (put a name here) for (put a reason here)
I miss Nono.
I miss my ck euphoria blossom perfume where i always smell it when i pass by the ck counter and walk away with an excuse:I 'll buy it on my bday.
I miss my gossip kaki's
I miss my (future) car

Phrase of the day:no pain no have to tahan no matter what.

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