Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lelong! Lelong

Ever think of collecting text books?
Can't find your text books in the book store due to the government book loan plan for everyone and you lost/destroyed/burnt/"conteng-ed" the text books?
I,the ex-starian-going-to-be-starian-again-in-may,would like to sell my text books.

all of the text books are wrapped nicely and cheap.

here goes the list:
  1. Kerusi (RM2.85)
  2. Anak Laut (RM 2.75)
  3. The Pearl (RM2.40)
  4. Konserto Terakhir (RM4.25)
  5. Bukit Kepong (RM4.90)
  6. Selected Poems and Short Stories form 4 (RM1.25)
  7. Mathematics form 5 (RM7.50)
  8. Sejarah Tingkatan 4 (RM6.95)
  9. Biology form 4 (RM6.50)
  10. English for Science and Technology form 4 & form 5 (RM6.25)
  11. Biology form 5 (RM5.50)

Get them in RM50 if you plan to buy all of them.You'll save up RM1.10.(nah, you can buy nasi lemak with extra ikan bilis in RM1.10*)

contact me via MSN if you're interested!!

*nasi lemak in SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah.

dear my pretty/handsome reader,

spread the news!

thank you very much.


the anti-salewoman author

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