Wednesday, February 6, 2008

happy birthday to me!

i preserved my birthday post due to some technical and physical problem.

I was too tired to post about my birthday on my birthday.

HELLO.TWO PARTIES IN A DAY!!!macam mana tak letih!!

one in the day,one in the night.

one for kc,one for friends.

one was held in TGI Friday,subang parade.sunway pyramid,and jusco bukit was held in mamak in palm grove(we made a lot of noise.if you were there,and being annoyed by our screams,juicy gossips,and rojak language,forgive us >.<) well,if you ever plan to celebrate your bday in TGI Friday,think twice.they'll make you stand on the chair and sing a bday song for you.the most important,you'll get a cake for free.a brownie with some rum I think.Oh,they 'll ask you to choose the version of birthday song you want.either short,long or backward.i chose backward as it sounded "challenging".


they turned backward to face the other customer and sang the birthday song.

anyway,i like the TGI Friday theme song.sounds bidayuh-ish(iona's favourite!kaka)

talk about the food,it was delicious.

I had chicken finger and kc had the fried mozzarella.

the chicken finger was served with the fries.hand made fries.not the one you bought in supermarket and throw in the deep fryer to fry them.Actually I want the fries.not the chicken fingers.and the honey mustard sauce was yummy!

then we went to sunway pyramid because subang parade has nothing much to shop.The skinfood counter is small and the product is not complete.The Yves Rocher shop..forget about it.The 2007 product is not available in Malaysia.2007 product.I repeat,2007 product.I want to buy the Yves Rocher concealer for pimple and i have the birthday previlleges.

Then,don't know why,we went to Jusco Bukit Raja.I went to the Yves Rocher.redeemed my brithday gift,a miniature perfume.bought a toner and got a concealer for free.

skip to the mamak session.

I got a cute froggie tissue container,a froggie CD cover,a Cadbury froggie chocolate,cards with blessing and 16 cupcakes!!

I heard a lot of juicy gossips and Iona insisted that bidayuh guy are hot!

Thanks to KC,Aisha,Khadi,Daryl,Jamie,Annabel,Choo weng,Wei guan,Tien Hwei,Sebastian,and Cherylyn for her advanced wishes!Oh,and Calvin Klein for wishing me to get taller.*

*very sorry if I miss out some of the people.

Lastly,i would like to end this post with some words.


hey,finally i'm 18.hehehe.

Phrase of the day:16th of february is my chinese bday!!It's the tenth day of the first month in chinese calendar.

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