Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When i was threathening Calvin Klein to drink water as he's very sick and enjoying my e-shopping,
no current.
and this stupid blogspot didn't save my post AGAIN.
Thinking of the air cond in fruity,I planned to go there to have my brunch.
when i reached there,

NO CURRENT TOO!very geram right?
so i bought two pieces of bread.a cheese stick and a tuna sausage bun.
- . -
and this without-current-condition(you can put the correct word here) last for 20 minutes.

back to the topic
I didn't go to any shopping mall this week.
as everyone is so busy,the weather is so hot and I'm not feeling well.
so know what i did?
I viewed those shopping mall websites.wakakaka
I strongly recommend the 1u and midvalley websites.
the directory is very detailed unlike KL pavillion and the gardens where I can't imagine that i'm shopping inside.
then I wanted to surf the TGI Friday,baskin robbin and haagen daaz websites so that i can imagine that i'm eating those food.
ngam ngam on that time.
ish - . -

phrase of the day:I'm that bored.ask me out.A-S-K M-E O-U-T.sounds very desperate -.- never mind

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