Sunday, February 24, 2008

the yummilicios + adventurous

Ever taste before the higher class mamak?
well,yesterday i tried it and it costs RM 600+ for 7 people.
my dad's japanese boss is the one paying.
don't ever think of kidnapping me.I have no money and i always wear shirt with holes (well,that's because of the zip of my pants.>.<>

Oh ya,the restaurant is passage thru india (it stated there as the best indian restaurant in Malaysia by the ministry of tourism)

we ate tandoori chicken,curry(mutton and chicken) where the serving are so little for 7 people,papadum,briyani rice,spicy gravy fish,naan (plain,cheese,garlic),baked curry prawn,
and (put the name here if you know it) where the vegetable is blended and cooked with tofu cube.

we had kulfi,the indian ice cream and masala tea for dessert.

The ice cream was nice but the japanese said it's not nice to eat.I think this's because they're not used to the flavour of indian.

Surprisingly,the japanese are able to stand with the spicy curry.I know what you're thinking.Right,they eat wasabi.But the spicy of wasabi is different from the spicy of curry.the spicy of wasabi last for few feel that it's spicy once it's in your tongue and once it's swallowed,you can't feel the spicy anymore.However,the spicy of the curry is different.the spicy oil 'll remain on your tongue,irritate your tongue and you'll feel more spicy when you drink water.

Overall,the food is nice.I 'll give 8 upon 10.The atmosphere of the restaurant is so indian and they even have love birds.I think they should put some peacock.I have never seen male peacock open his feather before.

Today,I went for jungle trekking with my parents at the mountain in Cheras.
Found out that my stamina is not as usual anymore.Excessive food and lack of exercise had made me lost most of my stamina.


I started to pray.Luckily,God heard me.An indian man passed by and gave me a strepsil.I felt better.

For your information,I never had blackout before.It's my first time.

My parents were still very blur and wondering why i stop suddenly.their daughter who always climb the fastest stopped suddenly.I don't stop in jungle trekking because once you stop,you'll feel more tired.the principle of jungle trekking:You may slow down but you can't stop.

However,I able to finish it.

Later,we went to the hot spring nearby.I saw some chick.(real chick.not hot women.chick are much cuter than those skimpy-attire hot women)I called them,asked them to come over so that i can touch their furry body. THEY RAN AWAY.stupid chick.

in conclusion,I really must build up my stamina before i go for NS.I need to jog more.

Phrase of the day:I wish I could ..... .. .... ... .

Friday, February 22, 2008


today porridge made my day.
breakfast eat porridge,lunch eat porridge,dinner probably eating porridge too.
Because of the teeth adjustment yesterday
I can't bite anything.

I can't even sneeze properly.I have to open mouth to sneeze to avoid my lips from touching my teeth.Imagine all the saliva evaporise to the air with the bacteria and stick on the monitor screen.

I wanted to drink coke so that the whole things 'll loosen a bit.but better don't do that.I don't want to delay the day i take out my braces.

This is not an adjustment as usual.
The orthodontist put the rubber between the two teeth so that there's no big gap between the teeth.
and he said once there's no gap,i can remove my braces.
What a great news and what a painful teeth i have now.
It's just like my teeth are playing tug of war.

it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
it's not pain
*trying to hypnotise myself*

but still I miss my food.
I miss the pork slice in bar.b.que plaza
I miss the kimgary cheese rice
I miss the dragon-i meat dumpling
I miss auntie anne's pretzel
I miss fish and chips
I miss the almonds chips in the living room

things below not really related to food
I miss biting ppl and leaving a teeth mark.(i'm that crazy)
I miss singing song without the teeth pulling together.
I miss hanging out with my friends.
I miss jimmy my imagenary friend.He went to (put a name here) for (put a reason here)
I miss Nono.
I miss my ck euphoria blossom perfume where i always smell it when i pass by the ck counter and walk away with an excuse:I 'll buy it on my bday.
I miss my gossip kaki's
I miss my (future) car

Phrase of the day:no pain no have to tahan no matter what.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When i was threathening Calvin Klein to drink water as he's very sick and enjoying my e-shopping,
no current.
and this stupid blogspot didn't save my post AGAIN.
Thinking of the air cond in fruity,I planned to go there to have my brunch.
when i reached there,

NO CURRENT TOO!very geram right?
so i bought two pieces of bread.a cheese stick and a tuna sausage bun.
- . -
and this without-current-condition(you can put the correct word here) last for 20 minutes.

back to the topic
I didn't go to any shopping mall this week.
as everyone is so busy,the weather is so hot and I'm not feeling well.
so know what i did?
I viewed those shopping mall websites.wakakaka
I strongly recommend the 1u and midvalley websites.
the directory is very detailed unlike KL pavillion and the gardens where I can't imagine that i'm shopping inside.
then I wanted to surf the TGI Friday,baskin robbin and haagen daaz websites so that i can imagine that i'm eating those food.
ngam ngam on that time.
ish - . -

phrase of the day:I'm that bored.ask me out.A-S-K M-E O-U-T.sounds very desperate -.- never mind

Saturday, February 16, 2008

the super duper update

1st day of CNY.(7/2/2007)
went to my grandma's house to get angpow.
had steamboat open house for relatives.
won RM14.I don't gamble actually.but I was too bored sitting there watching people gambling.

2nd day of CNY
went to Genting and Pavillion.ate in dragon-i.service was bad.

3rd day of CNY & 4th day of CNY
my dog died in the morning before we went out.
Her death is expected as she had tumour in her brain according to the veteranian.
went to Port Dickson.did some silly things that i 'll not reveal.haha

5th day of CNY
had a last minute open house.and it ended up with only one people came to my house.- . -

6th day of CNY
Was told that I'm in the sepang camp for NS.The Kem PLKN Princess Haliza,Sepang.super duper happy bacause they said it's the camp for the rich people's son or daughter.Therefore,it'll not be suffering.and i read a blog where the blogger was one of the campers seems that the place is ice cream on friday and western food on sunday.not bad.not bad.

7th day of CNY
went to KL.Ate buffet in Jogoya.very nice buffet with 200 over choices of food and the best part is they serve baskin robbin,haagen daaz and the japanese ice cream.super duper delicious.

8th day of CNY
pai ti kong ceremony.the fireworks and firecrackers were super duper noisy.It's a war more than a could hear bomming here and there.just that you can't hear people running for life.

9th day of CNY
went to Genting again.bought a super duper cheap eyemask.12 pairs in rite? and it's Elianto.
went to my dad's friend's house.
had gastric because i ate my dinner late.

the shio kim jua season

I'm fed up with shio-ing kim jua almost every single day of CNY.
"shio kim jua" means burning silver paper for prayer in chinese culture.

SHIT!I forgot all the point.I was thinking of posting about this idiotic culture while i was burning the silver paper for the birthday of the "deizhu" (the goddess of the earth.there're five of them and they're like children.therefore they love sweet.Their birthday are every tenth of the first five months in the chinese calendar.)
Wonder how i know all these stuff although I already accepted Jesus?

I love to read all these Goddess stuff although I think they're bullshit.I don't believe them but I think they're interesting.I even thought of studying Anthropology but i gave up at last due to the money matters and popularity.and history is a must for this course.

I'm a 100% chinese where i talk mandarin,think in mandarin,write mandarin,read mandarin,listen mandarin song.but I mix with banana more to the 100% chinese.I have no idea.Anyway,my boyfriend must be a 100% chinese because I don't wanna argue in broken english.I can't think fast in english and my vocabulary is not rich enough.ignore this!

Things become worse when my parents are taoist.(should be polytheistic,as they worship a few god.)They believe in fengshui and fortune-telling.One day,my cousin became a christian(JW actually) where they don't donate blood,don't celebrate christmas and do not get married with non-JW believer.From that incident,my parents told me not to join this "stuff".From that moment,I knew it's hard to tell them.the only things i can do is pray.

From a story I got from a teacher,
pn.X is a christian but her mom is a buddhist.when her mom died,she was told to do in buddhist style.She did.Know what happen?she saw a smile in her mom's face.she died in a peaceful way because it's the way she likes.

If they're happy with these rituals, i must well let them be happy right?They're my parents.
I should let them happy.If they don't like,I'll not force them.but still i pray that their christian
friends 'll share the gospel with them.You know lah,things can be discussed easily among friends.

so i'm christian but my parents are not.and now i can't go church because sunday is my family day.even saturday too. I still finding excuses to go for youth.My dad once warned me actually.I told him that i'm going for youth organised by church with Aisha .I emphasised on the "youth" .My dad hesitated a while and asked me not to join their prayer.To make him feel better,I lied again.

"nolah,they play games one and they'll sing song only.Just go there to meet more friends ma."i said in very pleasant tone.I'm dramatic as khadi said.

but it ended up.the youth is cancelled.hahaha.I thought, God might be thinking that I'm not prepared yet.never mind.

the second time.It was one year later i think.Aisha asked me again to join the GC youth.I lied again.(God ,forgive me.)

"daddy,I wanna go for a conference in the church at chi liung."I said.I thought of this sentence(excuse maybe)very long.ok?
"what conferrence?"
"teach us how to save money one(but actually his daughter still spend a lot)"i think I said this.I can't remember my lie .I'm not a good liar.A good liar must remember his story so that he'll not be revealed.
"then how you go?lunch provided?how much is the fee?"I know la,no need to be worried.I'm not going to somewhere dangerous.I'm not going out at night too.
and it ended up well.I gained a lot from this youth.I cried.I laughed.and the people are nice.

but later i didn't go any youth already.because i'm going to KL almost every saturday plus aisha is working too.I know lah,those're excuses.but I don't dare to go alone without aisha.When aisha can go,I'm in KL.

but this saturday, I should be able to make it.Aisha,this time concert right?really!they're having concert.i'm not lying this time.just that i haven't asked my parents.hehe.i love asking permission last minute.As it's last minute,it would be easier to get the permission.

I have no idea why I jump into these stories.I write what my mind tells me.

anyway,I don't like these rituals.They polluted the air,wasted the food and make more tress being chopped.

I used to love shio-ing kin jua when i was a kid.can burn things ma.of course a small cute and adorable kid like me 'll love burning things.

last but not least,I would like to apologize if I have offended anyone.(I don't think so lo.i tried to use better words but my vocabulary has a limit.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

happy birthday to me!

i preserved my birthday post due to some technical and physical problem.

I was too tired to post about my birthday on my birthday.

HELLO.TWO PARTIES IN A DAY!!!macam mana tak letih!!

one in the day,one in the night.

one for kc,one for friends.

one was held in TGI Friday,subang parade.sunway pyramid,and jusco bukit was held in mamak in palm grove(we made a lot of noise.if you were there,and being annoyed by our screams,juicy gossips,and rojak language,forgive us >.<) well,if you ever plan to celebrate your bday in TGI Friday,think twice.they'll make you stand on the chair and sing a bday song for you.the most important,you'll get a cake for free.a brownie with some rum I think.Oh,they 'll ask you to choose the version of birthday song you want.either short,long or backward.i chose backward as it sounded "challenging".


they turned backward to face the other customer and sang the birthday song.

anyway,i like the TGI Friday theme song.sounds bidayuh-ish(iona's favourite!kaka)

talk about the food,it was delicious.

I had chicken finger and kc had the fried mozzarella.

the chicken finger was served with the fries.hand made fries.not the one you bought in supermarket and throw in the deep fryer to fry them.Actually I want the fries.not the chicken fingers.and the honey mustard sauce was yummy!

then we went to sunway pyramid because subang parade has nothing much to shop.The skinfood counter is small and the product is not complete.The Yves Rocher shop..forget about it.The 2007 product is not available in Malaysia.2007 product.I repeat,2007 product.I want to buy the Yves Rocher concealer for pimple and i have the birthday previlleges.

Then,don't know why,we went to Jusco Bukit Raja.I went to the Yves Rocher.redeemed my brithday gift,a miniature perfume.bought a toner and got a concealer for free.

skip to the mamak session.

I got a cute froggie tissue container,a froggie CD cover,a Cadbury froggie chocolate,cards with blessing and 16 cupcakes!!

I heard a lot of juicy gossips and Iona insisted that bidayuh guy are hot!

Thanks to KC,Aisha,Khadi,Daryl,Jamie,Annabel,Choo weng,Wei guan,Tien Hwei,Sebastian,and Cherylyn for her advanced wishes!Oh,and Calvin Klein for wishing me to get taller.*

*very sorry if I miss out some of the people.

Lastly,i would like to end this post with some words.


hey,finally i'm 18.hehehe.

Phrase of the day:16th of february is my chinese bday!!It's the tenth day of the first month in chinese calendar.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lelong! Lelong

Ever think of collecting text books?
Can't find your text books in the book store due to the government book loan plan for everyone and you lost/destroyed/burnt/"conteng-ed" the text books?
I,the ex-starian-going-to-be-starian-again-in-may,would like to sell my text books.

all of the text books are wrapped nicely and cheap.

here goes the list:
  1. Kerusi (RM2.85)
  2. Anak Laut (RM 2.75)
  3. The Pearl (RM2.40)
  4. Konserto Terakhir (RM4.25)
  5. Bukit Kepong (RM4.90)
  6. Selected Poems and Short Stories form 4 (RM1.25)
  7. Mathematics form 5 (RM7.50)
  8. Sejarah Tingkatan 4 (RM6.95)
  9. Biology form 4 (RM6.50)
  10. English for Science and Technology form 4 & form 5 (RM6.25)
  11. Biology form 5 (RM5.50)

Get them in RM50 if you plan to buy all of them.You'll save up RM1.10.(nah, you can buy nasi lemak with extra ikan bilis in RM1.10*)

contact me via MSN if you're interested!!

*nasi lemak in SMK Tengku Ampuan Rahimah.

dear my pretty/handsome reader,

spread the news!

thank you very much.


the anti-salewoman author