Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Happy thaipusam!
in Malaysia,we ppl celebrate every single perayaan.
well,today is a public holiday but my parents are working.
daddy's reason:have to finished that jusco building in Ampang by end of the year.
mommy's reason:My granduncle doesn't off on not-really-important holiday.
so I thought today is just a normal day where everyone goes to work and goes to school.
I walked to modern to "ta pao" my breakfast.
I saw a red red kancil which is so iona's bf-ish.
so I murmured in my mind,this fella ponteng.must tell iona when she comes back.
then I continued walking.I saw a letter on the road.think so it's a friendship letter about writer's friend likes the guy she likes too.The 1st sentences:I know both of us are hurt.(in chinese)
when i reached modern,I saw some 6th formers there.
Then I thought,another ponteng gang.
I bought my nasi lemak,crossed the road and saw most of the shops are closed.
I was wondering why.
OH!today thaipusam wonder la.
- . -
See! there's no difference for the public holiday if you're having a long long holiday.
and calvin klein is working too.
and noone teman me go buy present for butter.
and no car to drive to AEON
and not even a bicycle for me to cycle there.

phrase of the day:I complained A LOT recently.I depressed A LOT it's not PMS.
I have no idea.emmp!I wish CNY 'll be coming soon.I wish my bday 'll be coming soon.

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