Thursday, January 24, 2008

shopping spree 5


went to aeon today

took bus there.

spent a lot

main aim is to buy annabel's present but end up looking for my stuff.


bought annabel's present


saw aisha and junxue
met so many ppl who're working there.3 in timberland.1 in fos.2 in Wh.1 in the laksa shop.2 in dome.


finally posted the RM 1 letter


regreted to spend money on kimgary.should save up the money to buy bandana in Wh

only 3 ringgit left in my ELLE purse

blame on skinfood.their stuff are too attractive.


almost can see the menteri besar.the bin toyol.

when aisha told me bout him,I thought he's a japanese.
and i thought he's a japan superstar until sha told me that he's the menteri besar.

his name sounds japanese-ish


went back with a double storey bus.woohoo.and bin toyol came at that time.with the police car somemore.



from left:snow tea eye serum(RM44),pore mini balm(RM28),borteux
phrase of the day:I think i should buy the Wh bandana.I really need a job to support my shopaholism.I need money for ck euphoria blossom.I'm going to become skinfood fans ,not the face shop although they put a photo of a hot korean star in front of the shop.

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