Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping spree 4

Quote Jimmy Choo,A women needs at least 30 pairs of shoe,with different shoe type,different function and different design for different occasion and event.

eg:if you're going to a crowded place,wear clogs.just to step on molester's foot.(jimmy choo didn't say this.I elaborate for him.)

He said that in an interview.(I forgot part of the quote. )

That's why I'm so choosey in my shoe.I don't want to have same shoe type.wahaha.

well,statements above are just to give me an excuse to shop for shoe.>.<

Today,I bought a pair of wedge in mod,AEON for RM69.90.

Later,went to summit USJ.I didn't buy anything there.BECAUSE I ALREADY GOT A LOT OF BAJU LA.nanti wardrobe saya pecah dan baju mengalir keluar macam darah mengalir dari
tempat luka (I forgot what's wound in BM)

but ,i can really buy a lot in Summit lo.take away those lala clothes,i still got a lot of choices, and the prices are affordable.Actually their clothes are not really lala.

The most important is their cutting is small.I'm very happy if i can find XS size.

skip skip skip...skip to the photo of my new shoe.the yellow wedges.not potato wedges.not cheesy wedges from KFC.It's a pair of inedible wedge.

Phrase of the day:I wish I could hate him*fullstop*

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