Wednesday, January 9, 2008

shopping spree 3

yes,i went shopping again.(i know,i shop too much recently.but which girl doesn't like shopping?)
Today is J card member day in JJ bukit raja.

so my mom,my two cousins,my aunt and I went there in the morning around 8.00 a.m.(early bird normally 'll get the better goods)

and luckily we went there earlier.when we wanted to go back,the car parked almost everywhere around the building 2 km in radius even the small field beside the highway.
This time,I bought:
1.3 bras in wacoal (2 at RM29,1 at RM39)
2.a striped bag in FOS at RM19.90
3.a small red sweater in SEED at RM 23.70(n.p:RM79.00)
4.a Tiffany necklace in Jusco at RM47.95 (n.p:RM159.90)

Phrase of the day:shopping is a hobby.It has the three main chracteristic of hobby.It can be done when you're free.It prevents you to mix with those gangster as you're busy looking at the clothes.It is good for your body mentally or count the price and you walk around to search for the cheapest is just a great hobby,isn't it?(if you're a smart consumer)

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