Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Recently,I'm very busy following my mom to her office.(i know it's very weird.I don't work there anyway)

The main reason i follow her is to learn driving.I got my licence like 10 months ago.But i hardly drive that time.kononnya SPM is coming soon and my mom is afraid that I'm too stressed to drive the car.

well,followed her for three days.I only drove for one day.that's yesterday.The another two days,my mom was in hurry.So,she drove the car instead.

In my mom's office,I have nothing much to do.just helped my mom to fold the prayer silver paper for CNY,separate the wire,and check the service order.It's so bored to stay there and I always go to my cousin's house to play with the hamster.When i reached there,the two tiny hamster were holding each other to sleep.SO CUTE.and they look like two beige furry ball inside the cage.I tried to catch one of them and it bit me when i held it.ish..

I LOST MY CRAPPING SKILL!so this post 'll end abruptly without a good ending.

Phrase of the day:I'm tired.exhausted.dried.

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