Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year?*rolling eyes*

After hibernating for a month,


A very exciting year for china people as olympic game is getting nearer

A very hectic year for malaysia politician as election is coming soon

A very relaxing year for Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek as he quit all government and party posts due to his sex DVD (it's ridiculous.Who wants to watch an ah pek having ***?)

Well,those events are none of my business.

I can't afford the olympic game ticket which is RM 2500.I rather use that money for other purpose.

I'm still underage to involve in politic.Trust me,politic is dark.I don't wan to involve too.

I'm not Uncle Chua Soi Lek's relative although we have the same surname.



The important things is

2008 is a year that Yin Xian has turned into 18 years old and her beloved KC has turned into 21 years old (not fair!He can go into Genting casino and Planet Hollywood .)

when i'm 18,

I 'll be carded.ATM card,credit card,jusco card,bonuslink card, Genting supplementary card,whatever card you can name it.

I can make a new IC.with new photo.

I can watch all movie.18 sx,18 pl etc etc

I can buy cigarette.(this's not a privilege for me.I support TAK NAK !)

I can have a car or even a house in my name.

I can ... ...

actually not much privilege when i'm 18.- . -

Just a friendly reminder,my birthday is coming soon. and i'm planning parties (ya,parties.as i have too many gang .Gang and gang cannot mix too much otherwise it'll become a big gang.big gang is harder to control.)

Phrase of the day: wo yao chi TGI Friday.I wanna eat at TGI Friday.(to remind someone's promise)

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