Monday, January 28, 2008

inventory for jewellery

I have

6 bracelets

6 "hand stripe"/wristband

71 pairs of earrings (all type of earrings,from small to the huge one)

16 necklaces

15 pendants

2 anklets

I counted all my jewellery while I was cleaning my dressing table.
yes,I'm that bored on that day and I forgot the date i cleaned my room.
I,the not-allowed-to-work people,do not care the day and the date because there's no difference for everyday.Well,it's just a number in the calendar.And, the day is just to name the day.Just like how you name your puppies or maybe the little cute hamsters,or the lizards in your house.

I talked more to myself recently.
current quote:
me:It's so funny la(pointing at something funny)
me:how funny is it?
me:very funny
me:gosh,i talked to myself again.

I affirm that i'm not insane,ok?
I just need to vapourise some of my saliva to the air.

I watched a lot of movie.
200 pounds beauty,Alvin and the chipmunks,Ratatouille,Just my luck,memoirs of the geisha,The devil wears prada and a lot of hong kong drama.

I'm still downloading some movies.

back to topic,
the main reason I put this inventory up is,
to show why I need a jewellery box.*hint*

phrase of the day:humour is important in my life like the flour in the cake.

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