Monday, January 28, 2008

inventory for jewellery

I have

6 bracelets

6 "hand stripe"/wristband

71 pairs of earrings (all type of earrings,from small to the huge one)

16 necklaces

15 pendants

2 anklets

I counted all my jewellery while I was cleaning my dressing table.
yes,I'm that bored on that day and I forgot the date i cleaned my room.
I,the not-allowed-to-work people,do not care the day and the date because there's no difference for everyday.Well,it's just a number in the calendar.And, the day is just to name the day.Just like how you name your puppies or maybe the little cute hamsters,or the lizards in your house.

I talked more to myself recently.
current quote:
me:It's so funny la(pointing at something funny)
me:how funny is it?
me:very funny
me:gosh,i talked to myself again.

I affirm that i'm not insane,ok?
I just need to vapourise some of my saliva to the air.

I watched a lot of movie.
200 pounds beauty,Alvin and the chipmunks,Ratatouille,Just my luck,memoirs of the geisha,The devil wears prada and a lot of hong kong drama.

I'm still downloading some movies.

back to topic,
the main reason I put this inventory up is,
to show why I need a jewellery box.*hint*

phrase of the day:humour is important in my life like the flour in the cake.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

shopping spree 5


went to aeon today

took bus there.

spent a lot

main aim is to buy annabel's present but end up looking for my stuff.


bought annabel's present


saw aisha and junxue
met so many ppl who're working there.3 in timberland.1 in fos.2 in Wh.1 in the laksa shop.2 in dome.


finally posted the RM 1 letter


regreted to spend money on kimgary.should save up the money to buy bandana in Wh

only 3 ringgit left in my ELLE purse

blame on skinfood.their stuff are too attractive.


almost can see the menteri besar.the bin toyol.

when aisha told me bout him,I thought he's a japanese.
and i thought he's a japan superstar until sha told me that he's the menteri besar.

his name sounds japanese-ish


went back with a double storey bus.woohoo.and bin toyol came at that time.with the police car somemore.



from left:snow tea eye serum(RM44),pore mini balm(RM28),borteux
phrase of the day:I think i should buy the Wh bandana.I really need a job to support my shopaholism.I need money for ck euphoria blossom.I'm going to become skinfood fans ,not the face shop although they put a photo of a hot korean star in front of the shop.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Happy thaipusam!
in Malaysia,we ppl celebrate every single perayaan.
well,today is a public holiday but my parents are working.
daddy's reason:have to finished that jusco building in Ampang by end of the year.
mommy's reason:My granduncle doesn't off on not-really-important holiday.
so I thought today is just a normal day where everyone goes to work and goes to school.
I walked to modern to "ta pao" my breakfast.
I saw a red red kancil which is so iona's bf-ish.
so I murmured in my mind,this fella ponteng.must tell iona when she comes back.
then I continued walking.I saw a letter on the road.think so it's a friendship letter about writer's friend likes the guy she likes too.The 1st sentences:I know both of us are hurt.(in chinese)
when i reached modern,I saw some 6th formers there.
Then I thought,another ponteng gang.
I bought my nasi lemak,crossed the road and saw most of the shops are closed.
I was wondering why.
OH!today thaipusam wonder la.
- . -
See! there's no difference for the public holiday if you're having a long long holiday.
and calvin klein is working too.
and noone teman me go buy present for butter.
and no car to drive to AEON
and not even a bicycle for me to cycle there.

phrase of the day:I complained A LOT recently.I depressed A LOT it's not PMS.
I have no idea.emmp!I wish CNY 'll be coming soon.I wish my bday 'll be coming soon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

shopping spree 4

Quote Jimmy Choo,A women needs at least 30 pairs of shoe,with different shoe type,different function and different design for different occasion and event.

eg:if you're going to a crowded place,wear clogs.just to step on molester's foot.(jimmy choo didn't say this.I elaborate for him.)

He said that in an interview.(I forgot part of the quote. )

That's why I'm so choosey in my shoe.I don't want to have same shoe type.wahaha.

well,statements above are just to give me an excuse to shop for shoe.>.<

Today,I bought a pair of wedge in mod,AEON for RM69.90.

Later,went to summit USJ.I didn't buy anything there.BECAUSE I ALREADY GOT A LOT OF BAJU LA.nanti wardrobe saya pecah dan baju mengalir keluar macam darah mengalir dari
tempat luka (I forgot what's wound in BM)

but ,i can really buy a lot in Summit lo.take away those lala clothes,i still got a lot of choices, and the prices are affordable.Actually their clothes are not really lala.

The most important is their cutting is small.I'm very happy if i can find XS size.

skip skip skip...skip to the photo of my new shoe.the yellow wedges.not potato wedges.not cheesy wedges from KFC.It's a pair of inedible wedge.

Phrase of the day:I wish I could hate him*fullstop*

Monday, January 14, 2008

Experiment 1

To investigate whether the postman open the mail.

problem statement:
Does the postman open the mail?

1.the money does not disappear .
2.the money disappear.

1.our beloved postman too busy to check what's inside the envelope/the money is not enough for them.
2.our postman took it to buy nasi lemak and that postman is my friend,Rishi.(He insisted me to write him inside my post.I was threaten by him otherwise he'll take my bunny.bad uncle T.T)

envelope,RM1,white paper, and stamp

glue and pen

1.wrap the RM 1 notes with white paper so that the postman can't see the RM1
2.seal it tightly.
3.write your address.
4.stick a stamp on it. Put some glue on your stamp so that the stamp can be reused.
5.walk to the nearest post office and post it.

I posted the letter on 24th of jan and got it back on 25th of jan.
A big salutation to our uncle postman.

The postman is too busy to open the letter.
It 's not opened at all.

accident do happen sometime:
before I posted it,my mom asked me don't be silly.They have a machine to scan through your letter.I was afraid that the postman found out and came for me.At last, I still post it.If the postman look for me,I 'll say I don't know which idiot post me this letter.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

shopping spree 3

yes,i went shopping again.(i know,i shop too much recently.but which girl doesn't like shopping?)
Today is J card member day in JJ bukit raja.

so my mom,my two cousins,my aunt and I went there in the morning around 8.00 a.m.(early bird normally 'll get the better goods)

and luckily we went there earlier.when we wanted to go back,the car parked almost everywhere around the building 2 km in radius even the small field beside the highway.
This time,I bought:
1.3 bras in wacoal (2 at RM29,1 at RM39)
2.a striped bag in FOS at RM19.90
3.a small red sweater in SEED at RM 23.70(n.p:RM79.00)
4.a Tiffany necklace in Jusco at RM47.95 (n.p:RM159.90)

Phrase of the day:shopping is a hobby.It has the three main chracteristic of hobby.It can be done when you're free.It prevents you to mix with those gangster as you're busy looking at the clothes.It is good for your body mentally or count the price and you walk around to search for the cheapest is just a great hobby,isn't it?(if you're a smart consumer)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Recently,I'm very busy following my mom to her office.(i know it's very weird.I don't work there anyway)

The main reason i follow her is to learn driving.I got my licence like 10 months ago.But i hardly drive that time.kononnya SPM is coming soon and my mom is afraid that I'm too stressed to drive the car.

well,followed her for three days.I only drove for one day.that's yesterday.The another two days,my mom was in hurry.So,she drove the car instead.

In my mom's office,I have nothing much to do.just helped my mom to fold the prayer silver paper for CNY,separate the wire,and check the service order.It's so bored to stay there and I always go to my cousin's house to play with the hamster.When i reached there,the two tiny hamster were holding each other to sleep.SO CUTE.and they look like two beige furry ball inside the cage.I tried to catch one of them and it bit me when i held it.ish..

I LOST MY CRAPPING SKILL!so this post 'll end abruptly without a good ending.

Phrase of the day:I'm tired.exhausted.dried.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

new year?*rolling eyes*

After hibernating for a month,


A very exciting year for china people as olympic game is getting nearer

A very hectic year for malaysia politician as election is coming soon

A very relaxing year for Dato Seri Chua Soi Lek as he quit all government and party posts due to his sex DVD (it's ridiculous.Who wants to watch an ah pek having ***?)

Well,those events are none of my business.

I can't afford the olympic game ticket which is RM 2500.I rather use that money for other purpose.

I'm still underage to involve in politic.Trust me,politic is dark.I don't wan to involve too.

I'm not Uncle Chua Soi Lek's relative although we have the same surname.



The important things is

2008 is a year that Yin Xian has turned into 18 years old and her beloved KC has turned into 21 years old (not fair!He can go into Genting casino and Planet Hollywood .)

when i'm 18,

I 'll be carded.ATM card,credit card,jusco card,bonuslink card, Genting supplementary card,whatever card you can name it.

I can make a new IC.with new photo.

I can watch all movie.18 sx,18 pl etc etc

I can buy cigarette.(this's not a privilege for me.I support TAK NAK !)

I can have a car or even a house in my name.

I can ... ...

actually not much privilege when i'm 18.- . -

Just a friendly reminder,my birthday is coming soon. and i'm planning parties (ya, i have too many gang .Gang and gang cannot mix too much otherwise it'll become a big gang.big gang is harder to control.)

Phrase of the day: wo yao chi TGI Friday.I wanna eat at TGI Friday.(to remind someone's promise)