Sunday, December 16, 2007

shopping spree!

On saturday,I went to my dad's condo in KL.He's swifting there as he has a project in Ampang,building jusco in Ampang(maybe it should be called AEON,but i still prefer calling it Jusco)That condo is old and the swimming pool is semi-fulled with algae.The worst thing is the air-cond in the living room is not functioning.The whole condo seems like a haunted condo.I didn't see any worker in the lobby.No security guard.No restaurant.AND THEY CHARGED FOR RM 2300 PER MONTH.Anyway,my dad's company is paying that.So,who cares?
Now,I can go to KL almost every weekends as my dad's company is giving allowance for transportation.haha
After viewing the condo,we went to summit.My dad went for traditional chinese theraphy while I walked around the shopping mall.I bought a make-up remover from elianto,a cross stitch set,three novels in RM10,and Aisha's xmas present.
Today,We went to the condo again with my mom.My mom didn't go yesterday.We brought in some of my father's clothes and toiletries.
Then we went to Pavillion KL.I love the shops there.The clothes,the shoes,the cosmetics,the perfume,the skincare product,the design of the shop and the restaurant.(nah,i don't really like handbags as i seldom use it)but look at the price,they 're so expensive.If i wanna get them,I need a high pay.about RM 10000 per month.hahaha.*dreaming with drooling eyes*
We ate shanghai xiao long pao for's so nice.You hv to bite a small hole on it and suck the soup inside.yummy.Anyway,it's non-halal.(sorry khadi.or not you should try it.)
We walked from Lot 10 to sungai wang.Bought 100g of famous amos no nut chocolate chips cookie and finished eating in 15 minutes.haha.
This shopping spree ends abruptly because saya malas la.

Phrase of the day:I love Shu Uemura's fake lashes.I need money.I need driver.I need a pair of leg that can walk for long distance.I'm materialistic.I'm vain *confessing...*

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