Thursday, December 27, 2007

shopping spree 2

After the few days shopping in midvalley,summit usj,johor,sungai wang and those shopping mall i have forgot
I bought:

1. a Puma mahanuala yoga jacket at RM30 (np:RM179.90.why pay more store in midvalley)

2.a ELLE pants at RM38.70 (np:RM129.00.The zone in johor)

3.a Hush Puppies shirt at RM28.00 (np:RM46.90.Stock clearance in Summit USJ)

4.a Emanuelle skirt at RM29.95(np:RM59.90.Metrojaya in Pelangi mall,Johor)

5.a Radioactive halter back dress at RM25 (np:not stated.Stock clearance in Summit USJ)

6.a P&Co polo T at RM 34.50 (np:RM69.Padini concept store in 1 utama)

7.a P&Co floral tank top at RM34.50 (np:RM69.Padini concept store)

8.a black butterfly necklace at RM19.95 (np:RM39.90.The zone in johor)

9.a black earring at RM 3.45 (np:RM6.90.The zone in johor)

10.a green bag at RM 21.45 (np:RM42.90.The zone in johor)

11.a Comma shirt at RM33 (np:RM33.Sungai wang)
12.a pair of NYC shoe at RM 24.95(np:RM 49.90.Sungai wang)

13.a set of Pierre Cardin Bra at RM 29.70(np:not stated.The zone in johor)

14.a hair ornament at RM 12.50 (np:RM25.The zone in johor)

15.a Skin food rice mask at RM44 (np:RM44.Skin food in AEON bkt tinggi)

16.a Skin food seaweed mask sheet at RM8.60 (np:RM8.60.Skin food in AEON bkt tinggi)

Total up,I spent RM418.25 for my CNY shopping. and the shopping spree haven't ended yet

i still need a jeans and a handbag.and maybe a pair of high heels
this post should be ended with photo of my CNY stuff

Phrase of the day: boredom has changed me into shopaholic.perhaps boredom has brought out my shopaholism deep in my heart

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