Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Finally,i'm back from camp.(I started to type on 10/12/2007)

pre camp(6/12/2007):

I woke up at 7.30 and started to settle some stuff,transfer song,print script,etc etc.

Due to my last-minute-attitude,I got scolded.It's very shui to get scolded before camp.After settle all the things,I took bus to port klang.Stopped at Port klang mcD and bought a set of value meal.I walked into a pharmacy to buy baby oil as make up remover and safety pin.I went to my mom's office,ate the hash brown and drank the tea.(Finally,the tea is sweet.I have no idea why mcdonald tea not as nice as mamak tea)I kept the fillet o fish for lunch.It was a rainy day.I love rainy day but i don't like the humidity.Just like I like to eat yam rice but i don't like the yam.

At 10.30 a.m,my mom sent me to the digi centre in klang.Seriously,I'm alone.I don't know anyone there.And all of them came in a group,but not me.Luckily i'm outgoing enough.I tried to talk to them.I met kwang hwa group and one of them stay nearby to my house.So i siao from klang to melaka sentral.You know la,saya banyak cakap if i want to.

Reached Melaka sentral,It was raining still.I think God must be very sad with something.He cried non stop.From 10 am till 3 pm.Our gang(ya,i joined in with some yuran!haha)decided not to go into the campsite that early.So,we went makan 1st in melaka sentral.We wanted to eat A&W since it's the only fast food restaurant in bus station.Too bad,it was electricity in that shop.Ah Beng:liddat oso can ar!I nak makan A&W pun tak boleh.

We walked and walked.One of the girl shouted:"nasi ayam berbola,lai, wo men qu chi (come,we go eat)"So we ate there.For me,the chicken rice not bad.but most of them complained that it's not nice.Maybe i was too hungry that time.hmm..

then hor,we masuk camp lo.passed by a jusco!!and we planned to go there on the last day.

20 minutes later......

we reached taman botanikal melaka.It's a campsite for NS(if i was sent to this campsite,i would pengsan)Forgot something.The driver who sent us from melaka sentral to the campsite very scary.He drove in a scary way.I think he must be a new driver.He don't know how to control clutch.If you want to know what's inertia,you should try on this bus.

Ok ,back to the topic.I thought we already reached.mana tahu we had to walk a long distance to the camp site.Just like camp perdana.And my bag very heavy.Fortunately,someone helped me.I took one side of the bag while she took another side.

Finally,we reached the campsite!They were singing the camp song and learning the sign language for that song.We danced.We sang.We talked....bla bla bla.I'm getting lazy i know

We washed our room.I was very proud with my roommate.We cleaned the room by pouring water and mopping it.Before that the floor was sticky.

then we went for dinner lo.after dinner we danced again!then bathed and tidur.

1st day of camp:

The opening ceremony was great.Their idea was good.And the VIP was an old man.This old man joked about something and the newspaper wrote about it oso -.-.We took photo.750 ppl taking photo together.I was smart.i stood in the front row with the comittee with an excuse that i'm too short.haha.Hey the photo 'll come out in newspaper leh.Who doesn't want to be in print?

The game started with a funny story.The host was fat and he acted as the good guy.and someone hide himself in the sleeping bag to act as the ghost.My group was the devil side.

We had to go for treasure hunt.

After a series of game,we had to prepare for the night programme which is the advertisement competition.Each group was given a product to promote.Our group title was handphone.

Then we listened to a talk.It was boring for me as i'm tired.I almost fell asleep.After the talk was the ads competition.The committee made it like the Oscar Prize giving ceremony.Some of the committee acted as actor and actress.The interesting part was the french fries man and the cow man.

Next,masa tidur.

2nd day:

We did some exercise.The song very funny la.Old hen eating corn.something like that.

We're given a task to find our food for masakan rimba.We had to play game to get our food.After getting our food we cooked.Felt proud as renjer!We had to cook the canned food.I had no idea how my group member open the can.I just saw them knocked the canned food on the floor.I was in charge of the egg and the fire.About the egg,they poked a stick through the egg and roasted it.

Then,We crossed the river.They called it paya.but i don't think so,because there's water with little mud only.There's no leeches sticking on any parts of my body.HAHA.Basically,not much people kena leeches.Yesterday rain made them hide in some places , I think.

The last programme which is the best one, was the camp fire with the cosplay party.My yuna costume kept dropping.and finally I can't stand it anymore,I pulled it up to my breast and started to dance crazily.That night really like disco.The PA system was good.They make it like concert.I shouted and jumped around.

It was the last night.Most of my roommate decided not to sleep so early.So, we chit chat until 4 am.

3rd day:

After settle all the things,we gathered at the hall and got back our handphone.We gave our handphone to our committee.We started to sing the camp song and took photo. Most of them cried.I did cry but it's not long.

Then we waited for our bus.I slept along the journey.Exhausted.The only word in my mind that time.

I shall end this long long post with photo!(i ended at 14/12/2007)

Most of my group member called it massage chair.We're required to roll on our group member's body.

This's the masakan rimba photo.Me in green shirt without the peace sign

After crossing the river,I was not prepared yet!

Me in the yuna costume.

Phrase of the day:I'M SICK! just puked out a big big as famous amos no nut chocolate chips cookie

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