Wednesday, December 5, 2007

let's party!

It's a camp organised by the youth club in melaka and this camp consists of 703 people including commitee.Don't ask me why i join this camp.I'll cry again.

Being busy the whole day.I watched four episode of dicey business in the morning.It's a hong kong drama about casino.The story is insteresting.I think I'll know how to play poker after i finished watching the whole series.(dare you to challenge me?haha)

Then i went to summit with kian chun.Never ever go to summit cinema.The service so bad and the appearance of the cinema very low class la.Have you ever seen mamak stall outside the cinema?Somemore we're only allowed to go into the box right before 10 minutes the show starts.Anyway,Enchanted is an interesting movie.I choose not to say out the story and the interesting part.You guys figure it out!

Ate subway sandwich for lunch.I ordered chicken teriyaki with hearty italian bread and mayonaise,bbq sauce,mustard,chili sauce.i just record for fun!I'm not happy with the service there as their english are worse than me.I asked for less onion.He put more - . - At last i took some of the onion out.

Actually the aim of this trip is to find a white halter back for my yuna costume for the camp.They're having costume party for the last night.Well, i can't get the halter back.but i found a lot a lot of nice clothes.Radioactive're having stock clearance! I saw a green-tattoed halter back dress.It's very nice but I can't wear it.My dad won't allow me to wear that.i still bought something.Elianto smokey grey frosted liquid eyeliner.hahaha.but i forgot to buy eye make-up remover.We went back at 4.

When we reached my house,he continued with his computer stuff and I started to prepare for cherylyn's party.He sent me there bout 6.30pm after i fed nono.

The party was not affected by the heavy rain.well,it's the 1st time to rain in cherylyn's party.We broke the 1st time!Due to the rain,we used electric griller to barbeque.At least we won't become negro after bbq.i shall list out all the's my pleasure to talk bout food

1.lamb (marinated with Heinz honey garlic bbq sauce,masterfoods mustard honey &herb marinade,soy sauce and honey for four days)
2.chicken wing (host)
3.cocktail (host)
4.hotdog (shirlyn)
8.fruit salad with nata de coco,pineapple,red bean,apple,little mandarin etc etc(host)
9.raisin rice (host)
10.mutton (daryl)
11.sandwich (melissa)
12.spagetti (host)
13.snacks&soft drink(jamie and tien hwei)
14.sparkling juice,apple,red grape and green grape.(host)
15.fried popia (wei ren)
16.chocolate cake (yie vin)
17.jelly (lay kuan)

nah,so many food and i 'm going to gain weight!

after that,Brendan's gang was playing the song guessing game.Cherylyn played the piano and they guessed it.I went back about 10.

well, I put down all the things here to make sure that I have a strong evidence to show that i'm not guilty if I'm suspected for murder case.

phrase of the day:I'm exhauted. "How does she knows he loves her?~"guess where's it from.

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