Tuesday, December 25, 2007



that's why I always forget to take photo with them.

They're so seductive so I need to eat them as soon as possible.

However,I still took some photo of food I have eaten before.It doesn't mean that the food doesn't taste nice.This's because i remember to take photo before I eat...

Short short and fat fat,(tuan tuan dan puan puan in chinese pronounciation)

I shall present the food that I have eaten along 2007!(I have too little photo.I ate a lot of delicacies,gourmet food,mamak food,cuisine...actually)

vanilla milk shake in Gardini.(3/2/07)

chicken melts in Gardini(3/2/07)It'd already eaten halfway

The forgot-what-is-that set in manhattan fish market(13/6/07)

chamomile tea in manhattan fish market (13/7/07)

Green tea cake in Leos (14/7/07)

Roti salad ayam in Moden (5/11/07)

The forget-what-is-that set in Bar-be-que plaza (28/11/2007)

Donuts from Big Apple Donuts (28/11/07)

Watermelon crush in Black Canyon (29/11/07)

Tuna sandwich set in Strudel (19/12/07)

tra dang~These are all of my collection of food photo.I'll remember to take photo before i eat next time.
phrase of the day: jalan-jalan cari makan.

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