Monday, December 31, 2007

expired post

being busy since christmas.
Start with my 1u trip.
well,we lost halfway due to my sense of direction.Before we went out,he already checked online for the we thought we can reach there easily.who knows,we ended up masuk to mont kiara and pusat bandar damansara.- . -we went around damansara.Finally,we reached there.We stopped at a petrol station to ask a uncle with volvo (i think so that one is volvo.the car is volvo-ish)
We watched movie,walked around the shopping mall (I almost finished walking that huge shopping be continued in jan.I wanna finished walking all the big shopping mall in selangor.giant tesco are not included.)
We ate XXL chicken chop (again i forgot to take photo),Mcd breakfast and A&W float.
wahaha...I bought a blouse and tube-like skirt in padini.(26/12/07)

well,went to Aeon with han liang.he said he want to buy christmas present for his gf.being a kepo,I followed with his sis along.I don't know why,I kept laughing .maybe han liang's joke was too lame.I LOL on lame jokes.(27/12/07)

i shall skip to the Aeon trip with kc.He came to my house in the morning after fetching his sis to tuition.Then we cracked our head to think of where to eat.Finally,we ate in kimgary.The cheese rice very nice but not as nice as the one i ate in kimgary ikano.According to kc,the rice is lesser than other branch of kimgary.I ate the macau pork burger (direct translation) and the pork chop very nice.woosh!! i'm gaining weight A LOT.but the calories had burnt off by shopping for dunno how many kilometre.before i forget,I bought a rice mask in skin food and it's really nice to skin become fair and smooth after using it.RM 44/100g is reasonable then.still cheap if compared to facial in salon(28/12/07)

I regain weight.I went for japanese buffet with my mom and kc.(i know what you guys are wondering.My mom knows him but doesn't know our relationship.She just know that he's courting me..hehehe.I'm wicked )I ate tempura,octopus sashimi,cuttle fish sashimi,some sushi, and a lot a lot until my stomach bloated.Buffet should be like this-going back with a bloated stomach.After that, I went Aeon again.this time I was with my parents.They want to shop for new year I walked as much as I can to burn the calories.(29/12/07)

went to kl with my parents.My dad went to his mom and I went to see bangau beside the filter lake (i forgot what's its proper name) Those bangau are from Zoo Negara and they'll go back in group.I doubt that they have a tour guide aka dai ko

bangau 1:oooi,bangau 2.Our dai ko called us back o.faster stuff some fish into our mouth.the fish here very very fresh.unlike the dead kambung in zoo.
bangau 2:jior,that dai ko hor.very kacau.I tengah sun tan ni.I want to be as dark as crow so that the zoo people'll let me out.
bangau 1:wah,that time you use SK II to make your skin you want to darken it?
dai ko:bangau team 201,we hv to go back.we have performance in schedule very be fast.
bangau 1: see! we hv to go back and act as flamingo in Zoo.We 're not flamingo but yet some small kids tot we're.- . -.I wish i can throw the dead kambung at them.

this story is based on author's imagination as the amount of bangau is lesser compared to weekdays.

Then,my dad parked his car at one of the monorail station.We took monorail to sungai wang.Unfortunately,My pink hush puppies shoe broke while going for lunch.Then i forced to make a quick decision to buy a pair of shoe.I'm choosey in buying i finally bought a pair of shoe after i went into voir,vincci and some shoe shops.after all,we went back with a should see the monorail,pack like the sardines in a sardine can.(30/12/07)

today,I'm supposed to go to green box for chinese language society committee farewell party.but too bad,i hv to go KL with my family.SO I MISS IT.
well tomolo going to genting and it has compensated all my loss.

Phrase of the day:My tummy getting bigger but my wallet getting thinner.

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