Thursday, December 27, 2007

di-gi-tal ca-me-ra

Today,we will learn a new phrase.


digital camera.

come,follow me.


digital camera

Why digital camera?

because my dear mommy had bought a Sony album-T digital camera.

due to my laziness,I upload the digicam photo.picture is better than words.

the packing very very nice

see! it's just like a jewellery box

buy a camera and you'll get a odm watch (worth RM399.checked in AEON)

these're the accesorries.this 's why i like Sony.just like my mp3 player.They gave a cute key chain oso

GREEN.just like the frog that I love. can ignore these two photo.I'm SS-ing (syok sendiri).trying to act like a spoke person for odm
trying to act as sammi cheng.
p/s: To odm,if you think my image is suitable for your company.Do not hesitate to contact me.i don't mind to be your spokeperson.I do not ask for high month 10k is more than enough.hahaha
phrase of the day:sometimes,the only way to stay sane is go a little crazy -girl,interrupted

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