Tuesday, December 4, 2007

dear diary

~finally i had finished my SPM exam(i know i'm later than most of the people)!
~my chinese teacher brought a cake for us ,secret recipe's banana chocolate.

I saw a cat hiding its shit.It was doing its business in front of my house gate.At first,i didn't realise that it's shitting.I kept shh....asked it to go away.Finally i realised that it's shitting as faeces was coming out.

Then, i told that cat:"meow meow meow...meow meow.. meow meow"(don't shit in front of my gate,later very smelly)

It didn't reply me at all and continue its business.Geram betul.

Then i continued to negotiate with it."meow meow..meow meow meow..meow?"(i ask my nono to bite you,ok?)

At last, that black back white stomach kitty use its tiny paw to hide the shit.It's so cute!!i think cat is the cutest animal while they're doing their business. Forgive my sua-kuness.I don't really see cat shiting these days. I think they're having constipation.

ting ting ting...

Kepada kucing-kucing yang amat cute,please eat more fibrous food,ok?and don't shit in front of public,tak senonoh tau.Perhaps you should ask your goverment to build public toilet.Demonstrate for cat's right!

ting ting ting ting..

phrase of the day:well,i'm just too bored.Anyone wants to buy text book?I don't think you guys need it anymore since you guys are getting book loan.

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