Thursday, December 13, 2007


When You're BORED,
You play with your camera phone.

What should I do?Call me out if you're going anywhere.*innocent-nye**giggles*

WHAT?!noone want ot go out!EEEE,I'll BITE YOU WITH MY BRACES
p/s: don't do this too often.You may need botox when you're old.

Patrick:Haiyo.learn form me la.GO PLAY WITH YOUR COSMETICS.
Me:You're so vain!Aunty,you want me to waste cosmetic like that ar?

Patrick:hmm..My make-up skill is getting better.See.I CHANGED MYSELF INTO TRIGGER!
Me:OH no,my orange eye shadow and eyeliner!!!

Phrase of the day: CALL ME! CALL ME! I'M VERY AVAILABLE FOR OUTING!if i happen to finish my house chores

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