Monday, December 31, 2007

expired post

being busy since christmas.
Start with my 1u trip.
well,we lost halfway due to my sense of direction.Before we went out,he already checked online for the we thought we can reach there easily.who knows,we ended up masuk to mont kiara and pusat bandar damansara.- . -we went around damansara.Finally,we reached there.We stopped at a petrol station to ask a uncle with volvo (i think so that one is volvo.the car is volvo-ish)
We watched movie,walked around the shopping mall (I almost finished walking that huge shopping be continued in jan.I wanna finished walking all the big shopping mall in selangor.giant tesco are not included.)
We ate XXL chicken chop (again i forgot to take photo),Mcd breakfast and A&W float.
wahaha...I bought a blouse and tube-like skirt in padini.(26/12/07)

well,went to Aeon with han liang.he said he want to buy christmas present for his gf.being a kepo,I followed with his sis along.I don't know why,I kept laughing .maybe han liang's joke was too lame.I LOL on lame jokes.(27/12/07)

i shall skip to the Aeon trip with kc.He came to my house in the morning after fetching his sis to tuition.Then we cracked our head to think of where to eat.Finally,we ate in kimgary.The cheese rice very nice but not as nice as the one i ate in kimgary ikano.According to kc,the rice is lesser than other branch of kimgary.I ate the macau pork burger (direct translation) and the pork chop very nice.woosh!! i'm gaining weight A LOT.but the calories had burnt off by shopping for dunno how many kilometre.before i forget,I bought a rice mask in skin food and it's really nice to skin become fair and smooth after using it.RM 44/100g is reasonable then.still cheap if compared to facial in salon(28/12/07)

I regain weight.I went for japanese buffet with my mom and kc.(i know what you guys are wondering.My mom knows him but doesn't know our relationship.She just know that he's courting me..hehehe.I'm wicked )I ate tempura,octopus sashimi,cuttle fish sashimi,some sushi, and a lot a lot until my stomach bloated.Buffet should be like this-going back with a bloated stomach.After that, I went Aeon again.this time I was with my parents.They want to shop for new year I walked as much as I can to burn the calories.(29/12/07)

went to kl with my parents.My dad went to his mom and I went to see bangau beside the filter lake (i forgot what's its proper name) Those bangau are from Zoo Negara and they'll go back in group.I doubt that they have a tour guide aka dai ko

bangau 1:oooi,bangau 2.Our dai ko called us back o.faster stuff some fish into our mouth.the fish here very very fresh.unlike the dead kambung in zoo.
bangau 2:jior,that dai ko hor.very kacau.I tengah sun tan ni.I want to be as dark as crow so that the zoo people'll let me out.
bangau 1:wah,that time you use SK II to make your skin you want to darken it?
dai ko:bangau team 201,we hv to go back.we have performance in schedule very be fast.
bangau 1: see! we hv to go back and act as flamingo in Zoo.We 're not flamingo but yet some small kids tot we're.- . -.I wish i can throw the dead kambung at them.

this story is based on author's imagination as the amount of bangau is lesser compared to weekdays.

Then,my dad parked his car at one of the monorail station.We took monorail to sungai wang.Unfortunately,My pink hush puppies shoe broke while going for lunch.Then i forced to make a quick decision to buy a pair of shoe.I'm choosey in buying i finally bought a pair of shoe after i went into voir,vincci and some shoe shops.after all,we went back with a should see the monorail,pack like the sardines in a sardine can.(30/12/07)

today,I'm supposed to go to green box for chinese language society committee farewell party.but too bad,i hv to go KL with my family.SO I MISS IT.
well tomolo going to genting and it has compensated all my loss.

Phrase of the day:My tummy getting bigger but my wallet getting thinner.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

shopping spree 2

After the few days shopping in midvalley,summit usj,johor,sungai wang and those shopping mall i have forgot
I bought:

1. a Puma mahanuala yoga jacket at RM30 (np:RM179.90.why pay more store in midvalley)

2.a ELLE pants at RM38.70 (np:RM129.00.The zone in johor)

3.a Hush Puppies shirt at RM28.00 (np:RM46.90.Stock clearance in Summit USJ)

4.a Emanuelle skirt at RM29.95(np:RM59.90.Metrojaya in Pelangi mall,Johor)

5.a Radioactive halter back dress at RM25 (np:not stated.Stock clearance in Summit USJ)

6.a P&Co polo T at RM 34.50 (np:RM69.Padini concept store in 1 utama)

7.a P&Co floral tank top at RM34.50 (np:RM69.Padini concept store)

8.a black butterfly necklace at RM19.95 (np:RM39.90.The zone in johor)

9.a black earring at RM 3.45 (np:RM6.90.The zone in johor)

10.a green bag at RM 21.45 (np:RM42.90.The zone in johor)

11.a Comma shirt at RM33 (np:RM33.Sungai wang)
12.a pair of NYC shoe at RM 24.95(np:RM 49.90.Sungai wang)

13.a set of Pierre Cardin Bra at RM 29.70(np:not stated.The zone in johor)

14.a hair ornament at RM 12.50 (np:RM25.The zone in johor)

15.a Skin food rice mask at RM44 (np:RM44.Skin food in AEON bkt tinggi)

16.a Skin food seaweed mask sheet at RM8.60 (np:RM8.60.Skin food in AEON bkt tinggi)

Total up,I spent RM418.25 for my CNY shopping. and the shopping spree haven't ended yet

i still need a jeans and a handbag.and maybe a pair of high heels
this post should be ended with photo of my CNY stuff

Phrase of the day: boredom has changed me into shopaholic.perhaps boredom has brought out my shopaholism deep in my heart

di-gi-tal ca-me-ra

Today,we will learn a new phrase.


digital camera.

come,follow me.


digital camera

Why digital camera?

because my dear mommy had bought a Sony album-T digital camera.

due to my laziness,I upload the digicam photo.picture is better than words.

the packing very very nice

see! it's just like a jewellery box

buy a camera and you'll get a odm watch (worth RM399.checked in AEON)

these're the accesorries.this 's why i like Sony.just like my mp3 player.They gave a cute key chain oso

GREEN.just like the frog that I love. can ignore these two photo.I'm SS-ing (syok sendiri).trying to act like a spoke person for odm
trying to act as sammi cheng.
p/s: To odm,if you think my image is suitable for your company.Do not hesitate to contact me.i don't mind to be your spokeperson.I do not ask for high month 10k is more than enough.hahaha
phrase of the day:sometimes,the only way to stay sane is go a little crazy -girl,interrupted


List out your top 5 birthday presents you wish for:
1. blessing from God and all of my friends
2.Straight A1 for SPM
3.Skin Food rice mask
4.Calvin Klein Euphoria blossom
5.A trip to flee market in Mont Kiara and Ikano.
(Khadi,there's bus from 1u to Mont Kiara!! and it's FREE!)

Answer the following questions:
1. The person/people who tagged you is/are?

2. Your relationship with him/her is?
close neighbour in 4s2 and 5s2.the one who build faith between me and God.the one who brought me to youth.the one who always let me tumpang to go home.(we support car-pooling!!)

3. Your 5 impressions of him/her?
sarcastic,fight for the rights,hot-tempered(she has tried to correct it,but sometime really cannot tahan la.),nice,knowledgeable

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?
those small cube cards that contain scriptures

5. The most memorable words he/she had said to you?
"children these days har,don't know how to .........."

6. if he/she becomes your lover, you will?
oh,i'm heterosexual.

7. if he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be?
ermm..her temper.

8. if he/she becomes your enemy, you will -?
God says, love your enemy.Confucius says we don't create enemy.

9. if he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be -?
the answer 'll contradict with the statement above

10. the most desired thing you want to do for him/her now is -?
ermm..go to Dome to visit her.maybe i can get some discount coupon. XD

11. your overall impression of him/her is -?

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
huh?i don't really understand this question.I shall skip it.

13. the character you love of yourself are?
don't take revenge.I don't think there's a need to do so.

14. on the contrary, the characters you hate of yourself are?
lazy?too easy to accept.

15. the most ideal person you want to be is?
ME.I'm who i'm.I don't need to be someone else.

16. for people that care and like you, say something to them?
L-O-V-E.I love you people!!take good care and remember to call me whenever there's party.Thanks for the toleration and love.Thanks for the memory you guys have created with me.Thanks for colouring my life.
(I'm going to cry....)

17. 10 friends who you love the most;
Who do I love?
1. God
2. KC
3. Aisha
4. Iona
5. Khadi
6. Jamie
7. Jimmy (my imaginary friend)
8. Cherylyn
9. mommy
10. daddy

who is no.6 having relationship with??(Jamie)
I don't know

no.9, a male or female?? (mommy)
female,of course.otherwise,i'll not sit here and do this tag.

7 and 10 are together, will it be a good thing??(jimmy and daddy)
ermm..saya tak tau.

How bout no.8 and 5?

What is no.2 studying about??(KC)
E&E studying about hong kong drama.

When was the last time you had a chat with no.3??(Aisha) ar.last week.

What kind of music band does no.8 like??(cherylyn)

Does no.1 has any siblings??(God)
ermm..we're his siblings

Will you woo no.3??(Aisha)
nah.i told you already.I'M HETEROSEXUAL.I do mind to repeat this statement again.

How about no.7??(jimmy)
ermm..he's imaginary leh.this sounds so weird.

Is no.4 single??(iona)

What is the surname of no.5??(khadijah)

What is the nickname of no.10??(daddy)
my dad 'll kill me if I give him a nickname.

What is the hobby of no.4??(Iona)
doing random with *ahem*.camwhoring.crapping.

Do no.5 and 9 get along well??(khadi and mommy)
ermm..they haven't meet each other yet.

Where is no.2 studying at??(KC),at home with his laptop.

Talk something casually about no.1??(God)
you don't see feel His exixstance.A great man who create miracles.

Have you tried to develop feelings for no.8? (cherylyn)
nah,I don't want to repeat it anymore.

Where does no.9 live at??(mommy)
my house

What color does no.4 like??(Iona)
black,green,those bright colours.

Are no.5 and 1 best friends??(God n Khadi)

Does no.7 like no.2??(jimmy and KC)
ermm..they don't really know each other

How do you get to know no.2?? (KC)
long long story.the setting are mostly in the school library

Does no.1 have any pets??(God) comment

Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world??(jimmy)
kinda.with his xylophonic ribs and thick lips like angelina jolie.

acording to Yin Xian Say So Act 1990,I'm not allowed to tag.XD

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



that's why I always forget to take photo with them.

They're so seductive so I need to eat them as soon as possible.

However,I still took some photo of food I have eaten before.It doesn't mean that the food doesn't taste nice.This's because i remember to take photo before I eat...

Short short and fat fat,(tuan tuan dan puan puan in chinese pronounciation)

I shall present the food that I have eaten along 2007!(I have too little photo.I ate a lot of delicacies,gourmet food,mamak food,cuisine...actually)

vanilla milk shake in Gardini.(3/2/07)

chicken melts in Gardini(3/2/07)It'd already eaten halfway

The forgot-what-is-that set in manhattan fish market(13/6/07)

chamomile tea in manhattan fish market (13/7/07)

Green tea cake in Leos (14/7/07)

Roti salad ayam in Moden (5/11/07)

The forget-what-is-that set in Bar-be-que plaza (28/11/2007)

Donuts from Big Apple Donuts (28/11/07)

Watermelon crush in Black Canyon (29/11/07)

Tuna sandwich set in Strudel (19/12/07)

tra dang~These are all of my collection of food photo.I'll remember to take photo before i eat next time.
phrase of the day: jalan-jalan cari makan.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

shopping spree!

On saturday,I went to my dad's condo in KL.He's swifting there as he has a project in Ampang,building jusco in Ampang(maybe it should be called AEON,but i still prefer calling it Jusco)That condo is old and the swimming pool is semi-fulled with algae.The worst thing is the air-cond in the living room is not functioning.The whole condo seems like a haunted condo.I didn't see any worker in the lobby.No security guard.No restaurant.AND THEY CHARGED FOR RM 2300 PER MONTH.Anyway,my dad's company is paying that.So,who cares?
Now,I can go to KL almost every weekends as my dad's company is giving allowance for transportation.haha
After viewing the condo,we went to summit.My dad went for traditional chinese theraphy while I walked around the shopping mall.I bought a make-up remover from elianto,a cross stitch set,three novels in RM10,and Aisha's xmas present.
Today,We went to the condo again with my mom.My mom didn't go yesterday.We brought in some of my father's clothes and toiletries.
Then we went to Pavillion KL.I love the shops there.The clothes,the shoes,the cosmetics,the perfume,the skincare product,the design of the shop and the restaurant.(nah,i don't really like handbags as i seldom use it)but look at the price,they 're so expensive.If i wanna get them,I need a high pay.about RM 10000 per month.hahaha.*dreaming with drooling eyes*
We ate shanghai xiao long pao for's so nice.You hv to bite a small hole on it and suck the soup inside.yummy.Anyway,it's non-halal.(sorry khadi.or not you should try it.)
We walked from Lot 10 to sungai wang.Bought 100g of famous amos no nut chocolate chips cookie and finished eating in 15 minutes.haha.
This shopping spree ends abruptly because saya malas la.

Phrase of the day:I love Shu Uemura's fake lashes.I need money.I need driver.I need a pair of leg that can walk for long distance.I'm materialistic.I'm vain *confessing...*

Thursday, December 13, 2007


When You're BORED,
You play with your camera phone.

What should I do?Call me out if you're going anywhere.*innocent-nye**giggles*

WHAT?!noone want ot go out!EEEE,I'll BITE YOU WITH MY BRACES
p/s: don't do this too often.You may need botox when you're old.

Patrick:Haiyo.learn form me la.GO PLAY WITH YOUR COSMETICS.
Me:You're so vain!Aunty,you want me to waste cosmetic like that ar?

Patrick:hmm..My make-up skill is getting better.See.I CHANGED MYSELF INTO TRIGGER!
Me:OH no,my orange eye shadow and eyeliner!!!

Phrase of the day: CALL ME! CALL ME! I'M VERY AVAILABLE FOR OUTING!if i happen to finish my house chores

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Finally,i'm back from camp.(I started to type on 10/12/2007)

pre camp(6/12/2007):

I woke up at 7.30 and started to settle some stuff,transfer song,print script,etc etc.

Due to my last-minute-attitude,I got scolded.It's very shui to get scolded before camp.After settle all the things,I took bus to port klang.Stopped at Port klang mcD and bought a set of value meal.I walked into a pharmacy to buy baby oil as make up remover and safety pin.I went to my mom's office,ate the hash brown and drank the tea.(Finally,the tea is sweet.I have no idea why mcdonald tea not as nice as mamak tea)I kept the fillet o fish for lunch.It was a rainy day.I love rainy day but i don't like the humidity.Just like I like to eat yam rice but i don't like the yam.

At 10.30 a.m,my mom sent me to the digi centre in klang.Seriously,I'm alone.I don't know anyone there.And all of them came in a group,but not me.Luckily i'm outgoing enough.I tried to talk to them.I met kwang hwa group and one of them stay nearby to my house.So i siao from klang to melaka sentral.You know la,saya banyak cakap if i want to.

Reached Melaka sentral,It was raining still.I think God must be very sad with something.He cried non stop.From 10 am till 3 pm.Our gang(ya,i joined in with some yuran!haha)decided not to go into the campsite that early.So,we went makan 1st in melaka sentral.We wanted to eat A&W since it's the only fast food restaurant in bus station.Too bad,it was electricity in that shop.Ah Beng:liddat oso can ar!I nak makan A&W pun tak boleh.

We walked and walked.One of the girl shouted:"nasi ayam berbola,lai, wo men qu chi (come,we go eat)"So we ate there.For me,the chicken rice not bad.but most of them complained that it's not nice.Maybe i was too hungry that time.hmm..

then hor,we masuk camp lo.passed by a jusco!!and we planned to go there on the last day.

20 minutes later......

we reached taman botanikal melaka.It's a campsite for NS(if i was sent to this campsite,i would pengsan)Forgot something.The driver who sent us from melaka sentral to the campsite very scary.He drove in a scary way.I think he must be a new driver.He don't know how to control clutch.If you want to know what's inertia,you should try on this bus.

Ok ,back to the topic.I thought we already reached.mana tahu we had to walk a long distance to the camp site.Just like camp perdana.And my bag very heavy.Fortunately,someone helped me.I took one side of the bag while she took another side.

Finally,we reached the campsite!They were singing the camp song and learning the sign language for that song.We danced.We sang.We talked....bla bla bla.I'm getting lazy i know

We washed our room.I was very proud with my roommate.We cleaned the room by pouring water and mopping it.Before that the floor was sticky.

then we went for dinner lo.after dinner we danced again!then bathed and tidur.

1st day of camp:

The opening ceremony was great.Their idea was good.And the VIP was an old man.This old man joked about something and the newspaper wrote about it oso -.-.We took photo.750 ppl taking photo together.I was smart.i stood in the front row with the comittee with an excuse that i'm too short.haha.Hey the photo 'll come out in newspaper leh.Who doesn't want to be in print?

The game started with a funny story.The host was fat and he acted as the good guy.and someone hide himself in the sleeping bag to act as the ghost.My group was the devil side.

We had to go for treasure hunt.

After a series of game,we had to prepare for the night programme which is the advertisement competition.Each group was given a product to promote.Our group title was handphone.

Then we listened to a talk.It was boring for me as i'm tired.I almost fell asleep.After the talk was the ads competition.The committee made it like the Oscar Prize giving ceremony.Some of the committee acted as actor and actress.The interesting part was the french fries man and the cow man.

Next,masa tidur.

2nd day:

We did some exercise.The song very funny la.Old hen eating corn.something like that.

We're given a task to find our food for masakan rimba.We had to play game to get our food.After getting our food we cooked.Felt proud as renjer!We had to cook the canned food.I had no idea how my group member open the can.I just saw them knocked the canned food on the floor.I was in charge of the egg and the fire.About the egg,they poked a stick through the egg and roasted it.

Then,We crossed the river.They called it paya.but i don't think so,because there's water with little mud only.There's no leeches sticking on any parts of my body.HAHA.Basically,not much people kena leeches.Yesterday rain made them hide in some places , I think.

The last programme which is the best one, was the camp fire with the cosplay party.My yuna costume kept dropping.and finally I can't stand it anymore,I pulled it up to my breast and started to dance crazily.That night really like disco.The PA system was good.They make it like concert.I shouted and jumped around.

It was the last night.Most of my roommate decided not to sleep so early.So, we chit chat until 4 am.

3rd day:

After settle all the things,we gathered at the hall and got back our handphone.We gave our handphone to our committee.We started to sing the camp song and took photo. Most of them cried.I did cry but it's not long.

Then we waited for our bus.I slept along the journey.Exhausted.The only word in my mind that time.

I shall end this long long post with photo!(i ended at 14/12/2007)

Most of my group member called it massage chair.We're required to roll on our group member's body.

This's the masakan rimba photo.Me in green shirt without the peace sign

After crossing the river,I was not prepared yet!

Me in the yuna costume.

Phrase of the day:I'M SICK! just puked out a big big as famous amos no nut chocolate chips cookie

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

let's party!

It's a camp organised by the youth club in melaka and this camp consists of 703 people including commitee.Don't ask me why i join this camp.I'll cry again.

Being busy the whole day.I watched four episode of dicey business in the morning.It's a hong kong drama about casino.The story is insteresting.I think I'll know how to play poker after i finished watching the whole series.(dare you to challenge me?haha)

Then i went to summit with kian chun.Never ever go to summit cinema.The service so bad and the appearance of the cinema very low class la.Have you ever seen mamak stall outside the cinema?Somemore we're only allowed to go into the box right before 10 minutes the show starts.Anyway,Enchanted is an interesting movie.I choose not to say out the story and the interesting part.You guys figure it out!

Ate subway sandwich for lunch.I ordered chicken teriyaki with hearty italian bread and mayonaise,bbq sauce,mustard,chili sauce.i just record for fun!I'm not happy with the service there as their english are worse than me.I asked for less onion.He put more - . - At last i took some of the onion out.

Actually the aim of this trip is to find a white halter back for my yuna costume for the camp.They're having costume party for the last night.Well, i can't get the halter back.but i found a lot a lot of nice clothes.Radioactive're having stock clearance! I saw a green-tattoed halter back dress.It's very nice but I can't wear it.My dad won't allow me to wear that.i still bought something.Elianto smokey grey frosted liquid eyeliner.hahaha.but i forgot to buy eye make-up remover.We went back at 4.

When we reached my house,he continued with his computer stuff and I started to prepare for cherylyn's party.He sent me there bout 6.30pm after i fed nono.

The party was not affected by the heavy rain.well,it's the 1st time to rain in cherylyn's party.We broke the 1st time!Due to the rain,we used electric griller to barbeque.At least we won't become negro after bbq.i shall list out all the's my pleasure to talk bout food

1.lamb (marinated with Heinz honey garlic bbq sauce,masterfoods mustard honey &herb marinade,soy sauce and honey for four days)
2.chicken wing (host)
3.cocktail (host)
4.hotdog (shirlyn)
8.fruit salad with nata de coco,pineapple,red bean,apple,little mandarin etc etc(host)
9.raisin rice (host)
10.mutton (daryl)
11.sandwich (melissa)
12.spagetti (host)
13.snacks&soft drink(jamie and tien hwei)
14.sparkling juice,apple,red grape and green grape.(host)
15.fried popia (wei ren)
16.chocolate cake (yie vin)
17.jelly (lay kuan)

nah,so many food and i 'm going to gain weight!

after that,Brendan's gang was playing the song guessing game.Cherylyn played the piano and they guessed it.I went back about 10.

well, I put down all the things here to make sure that I have a strong evidence to show that i'm not guilty if I'm suspected for murder case.

phrase of the day:I'm exhauted. "How does she knows he loves her?~"guess where's it from.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

dear diary

~finally i had finished my SPM exam(i know i'm later than most of the people)!
~my chinese teacher brought a cake for us ,secret recipe's banana chocolate.

I saw a cat hiding its shit.It was doing its business in front of my house gate.At first,i didn't realise that it's shitting.I kept shh....asked it to go away.Finally i realised that it's shitting as faeces was coming out.

Then, i told that cat:"meow meow meow...meow meow.. meow meow"(don't shit in front of my gate,later very smelly)

It didn't reply me at all and continue its business.Geram betul.

Then i continued to negotiate with it."meow meow..meow meow meow..meow?"(i ask my nono to bite you,ok?)

At last, that black back white stomach kitty use its tiny paw to hide the shit.It's so cute!!i think cat is the cutest animal while they're doing their business. Forgive my sua-kuness.I don't really see cat shiting these days. I think they're having constipation.

ting ting ting...

Kepada kucing-kucing yang amat cute,please eat more fibrous food,ok?and don't shit in front of public,tak senonoh tau.Perhaps you should ask your goverment to build public toilet.Demonstrate for cat's right!

ting ting ting ting..

phrase of the day:well,i'm just too bored.Anyone wants to buy text book?I don't think you guys need it anymore since you guys are getting book loan.

1st tag

Rules and Regulations -
1. Do not copy my answers.
2. The tag questions must be 100% same.
3. If you tag someone, please use this title <(your name) Taggie Attack> (???)
4. Tag people after doing tag.

Name 20 people:
8.Lay kuan
9.Calvin Klein
10.Yin Chye the kangkung
11. mei wei
15.Albert the bird
16.Chewing gum
17.Kian chun
18.Han Liang
20.ME! (this things really make my brain to crack)

How do you get to know 14?
we are classmate and renjer puteri.

What would you do if you had never met 1?
ermm...i wouldn't have party to go?see you tomorrow!thanks for the party!

What would you do if 9 and 20 dated you? (Calvin Klein and me)
well.i'll go for the date and start to tickle 9.Sure,i date myself to shop.i'm the best shopping partner for me.

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?
ermm...i have no comment

Do you think 8 is attractive?
yes!well,many guys go after her since i know her

Do you know anything about 12's family?
she has a elder bro and sis and a nephew

Tell me something about 7.
i love to pluck her grey hair!

What is 18's favourite?
ermm..winnie the pooh? or food?

What language does 15 speak?
bird language..of course

Who is 19 going out with?
saya dunno la

How old is 16 now?

When was the last time you talked to 13?
few minutes ago via msn.

Who is 2's favourite singer?
Maroon 5?or pruple 6?

Would you date 4?
Sure..i date her to go aswara wat!

Would you date 17?
well,we're dating

Is 15 single?
i dunno la

What is 10's last name?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
uncle aunty...cousin cannot bersama punya.nanti baby akan cacat

Which school does 3 goes to?
Sekolah Tengku Ampuan Rahimah aka STAR

Where does 6 live?
southern park

What is your favourite thing about 5?
random theory?

I can't tag.i'll be fined for RM5000 if i do so .(yin xian say so 1990 act)

Monday, December 3, 2007

what am i doing here?

actually besok saya ada exam la.
I have no idea why am i sitting in front of this philips monitor.Maybe its magnetic field is too strong..hmmm..I think I should put a magnet near to my head so that i'll repel from the monitor(see!i still remember lenz's law.i didn't return it to mr yeo!woohoo)

phrase of the day:thou shalt turn off thy computer!

Friday, November 30, 2007

pink rabbit

This is my 3rd blog.Just like the hare,i hv a lot of exits to express all my old grandma story.As you know i'm very talkative and there's always a bulb on my head to "blink" the idea out.(ya,just like PB&J otter.I DON'T DANCE LIKE THEM,OK?)All of these grandma story MUST be recorded simply because i have a very forgetful mind and i don't want those "blink -blink" ideas to be wasted.Who knows that idea might save the world.(ya right!)
Anyway,welcome to my hole,a pink rabbit hole.

phrase of the day:Jangan..bu yao..don't ever ask me why it's pink!