Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just to kill time while waiting for doctor. :X

In case you don't know, I have this idiocrasy to talk to plush toys. Eg: gymnastic frog and Jeff's domokun. 
Whenever I go to his house, I will listen to domokun's complaint on how bad Jeff treating him. 😒 and one day, I showed this photo (attached below) to domokun. He hate me since then. 😔

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Songs to be played during my wedding:
1. Close to you 
2. Lucky 
3. I'm yours 
4. These words 

Songs to be played during my funeral:
1. Hotel California 
2. Stairway to heaven 
3. Bohemian rhapsody 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Something to cure Monday blue :)

Silly conversation between me and Jeff.
If you have been following me on Instagram, you will know gymnastic frog which I treat it like my son. So, technically, Jeff is his dad. -.- 

And this is evidence of robber kitty trying to rob the rich tai tai gymnastic frog 

p/s: I'm very grateful to have Jeff as my bf as he can tolerate my yinsanity/wild imagination. -.- After reading about the death of Paul Walker, I appreciate him more. Okay. Now can I have more caramel pudding? And more Japanese bento? 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Why am I inactive for about a month

I thought when I started working, I would have more time to blog, especially when I'm waiting for my turn to meet doctor. -.- but no, I have to do my research on penetrating new products- looking at the medicine rack to search for competitor's products or chat with the nurses to get more tips in getting the sales. I'm more hardworking when I have to chase my sales. -.- eg: this month. Due to the one week holiday in Japan, now I have to work double to match the target. A bit tough, but I would not give up until the last day. 

Anyway, update would be even slow as my laptop decided to break down. Sigh. Getting a new one because repair fee is high. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Life is short

Watched 被偷走的那五年, The Stolen Years and cried.
The story was about a couple was divorced as the wife was too dominant. They got back together because the wife had amnesia due to an accident.When they finally got back, the wife was diagnosed to have dementia and she went for brain surgery without her husband's knowledge. Unfortunately, the surgery failed and she was paralysed. The husband took care of her and she felt that she was a burden. In the end, she died as she requested her husband to pull off the oxygen tube. 
The story is a bit korean drama but if all these happen on you, what would you do? 
What would you do if you're the wife?
What would you do if you're the husband? 
From the movie, I realised that life is unpredictable. You never know what will happen in the next second. 
You never know that you might die in the next second or next day. 
Hence, what you feel like doing, if you're capable of doing so, just do it. 
Be with the person you love as much as you can. You never know that the next second, you might lose them. 
Don't wait for the right time. There is no right time. When you feel that the time is right, the thing/person might not be there anymore. Don't say that you will do it when you're free. Optimise your time. 
You want that awesome body? Work it out diligently
You want to travel? Plan it now. 
You want to learn something? Start doing your research
Do as much thing as you want so that when you're lying in the coffin, you can leave the world with a smile and no regrets.

For me, once I own my workstation and travel to Japan like it's my second home -.-, I can die without regrets. choi choi choi. I still have a lot of things that I want to do. God, please don't take me away too early. -.- 

Lastly, satisfy your cravings as soon as possible. ;p 
So, I feel like eating caramel pudding ._. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Life of gymnastic frog.

I have a frog, gymnastic frog. (modified from 'I have a dream' by ABBA -.-)

He was named by Aisha when I bought him in Daiso, the curve. We were there to attend Shiseido skincare demonstration and we were the model. :D yeah, I'm not that old yet.

He was named as gymnastic frog as he has magnet hidden inside his palms and thus he can stick on metal bar. It looks like he is doing gymnastics.

Say hi to gymnastic frog! 

I abandoned him for a while and recently he had became my special instagram guest. I have this small dream to take photo of him whenever I go travel! So far he had teman me to various mountain, my uni and Singapore.Soon, he will be following me to Japan. Envy him please. -.-

Gymnastic frog doing yoga in bukit gasing. -.- 

Her acting-innocent face so that I would bring her up instead of letting her hanging there. -.- 

I talk a lot and I love to talk nonsense. And not everyone can buy my nonsense, that's fine. I applied them on my gymnastic frog. :O or Jeff's domokun. -.-

Threaten him if he doesn't do rain dance diligently, I would leave him outside to let the haze to make him smoked frog ._. 

Once in a while, I made props for him. He has his own bed, various hairband and an ikea inspired leaf canopy. 

Gymnastic frog in his bed.

Gymnastic frog with her hair bands -.- 

Gymnastic frog if his leaf which he complaint that it's too heavy for him. -.- 

p/s: gymnastic frog can be female or male according to what he wears. He prefers to be male but once in a while I forced him to be female. -.- and he cannot deny because he can't object. hahahahaha. *enterimaginaryworld*

Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm-lack-of-inspiration post

Firstly, I failed at doing makeup post because I had noone to help me take photo while I was doing it. I tried video but lighting is not nice plus my voice is weird and annoying. will do video when I can overcome this fear of listening my voice on video. -.- Maybe I should get Jeff to take photo of me doing makeup next time since my make up pouches are with me all the time. -.- and another thing is I would rather spending time on how to hit sales target instead of how to take video/photo. When I hit target, I have extra incentives=more cosmetic=more review=more reader=more income maybe. -.-

Okay. done with giving excuse. The main problem is still I'm lazy la. Whenever I have free time, I sleep. Whenever I should sleep, I sleep. Whenever I shouldn't sleep, I feel like sleeping too. -.- Sometime I suspect that I'm anemic as I feel tired easily. -.- Some said it's because I don't involve in active sports anymore which is quite true. BUT HOR, I want to sleep more after looking at my glowing skin and bright eyes ._____. #girlsbeinggirls

So far working life is still fun, especially when you're working in the area where you're living - Klang. Lunch is cheaper, nearer to house, easier to find the places I want to go and no traffic jam except the roads where the overprotective parents are blocking it with Alphard/Wellfire (Yes, I have this thing with big cars and overprotective parents)

Anyway, blog is supposed to be your life journal right? ok. Ikea Fish and Chips is super nice and cheap. You went there to eat with Jeff and his brother on 14/9/2013. Yin Xian, if you're reading this in the future or you lose your memory due to some accidents (choi!) , please remember that you love Ikea fish & chips, Oasis square is a pretty place and you have a soft toy named gymnastic frog. -.-

Talking about gymnastic frog, I'm going to make a tutu dress for her. :D

Phrase of the day: Nothing starts easily, stay strong and work hard.

Silly Conversation:
There was this day Jeff turned off my car air cond after he drove us to dinner.
The next day, I found out that the air cond was not working without knowing that he turned it off.
Me: eh, vivian 发热气 (heaty. ). She gave out hot air leh. I have to feed her some syrup already.
Jeff: ........ I think it's because I turned off your aircond yesterday.
Me: Oh. no wonder la. now ok d. hehehehe
Jeff: *facepalm* Gong zar bo. (I always call him gong gin na when he does silly things and he call me gong zar bo when I do silly things)

p/s: This post is just for entertaining purpose. read it when you really have nothing beneficial to read. -.- Just to warm up for my blogging life so that I could update consistently.